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Kitten K. Jackson

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Praise for Blood on the Moon

Blood on the Moon is the best book Kitten Jackson has ever written. It's filled with true emotion, intrigue, danger seemingly everywhere, and hot passion between Cam and Melanie. This book is not to be missed. ~~Elaine Barris, author of Master For Tonight I & II, Evangeline, and the Flames of Vampire Passion (Zane) series

Kitten's books are always a work of art, but Blood on the Moon is truly a masterpiece! It’s the complete package, from beginning to end! ~~Liesl Allred

Fantastic ending to an amazing series! ~~Clayr Catherall

Kitten Jackson’s books just blow me away! ~~Tabitha Hartman

Wow! I’m in awe of this fantastic series! ~~Barbara Clabeaux

I hate to see the series end. There was danger around every corner, and the sex was steamy. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next. ~~Lynn Underwood

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After allowing Harmony to feed from my wrist just enough to give her some strength, I stepped onto the heater/AC unit. I eased out the hospital window and offered her my hand. She hopped up and moved onto the ledge beside me.

“I’m gonna put my arm around you, and on three, we’re gonna jump.”


With my right arm securely wrapped around her waist, I said, “One. Two. Three.”

When I said, “Three,” she said, “Wait!”

“What? We have to get outta here.”

“I’m afraid!”

“Do you wanna go back in there and die?”


“Then, jump. One. Two. Three.”

That time, I leaped. She hesitated, but I took her with me. To her surprise, we landed on our feet. It didn’t feel good, but in a matter of a couple of seconds, we were up and running to my car. We all hopped in, and I drove away.

“I don’t know why you did that, but thank you. I don’t think I would’ve made it more than another night or two.”

Melanie turned around and looked at her and then at me.

“Cam, why didn’t you get her clothes?”

“I don’t have any. I was naked when I woke up in the morgue. They just put me in this thing after the surgery.”

“Are you okay?” Melanie asked.

“I think so. Why’d you rescue me?”

I said, “We had to. We have to teach you how to survive. You’re our responsibility.”


Melanie said, “Because we made you.”

“Made me?”

“Cam’s humanity was off, so he was on a killing spree.”

I said, “I’m sorry about that. Never turn it off. No matter how much you want to, just don’t.”

“I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”

“Anyway, Cam drained you. I showed up and made him stop and gave you my blood, but I guess you died anyway, because you turned.”

“What’s your name?”

“Oh, I’m Melanie. This is Cam.”

“I’m Harmony. You’re the guy who attacked me?”

“Yeah. I’m really sorry. Like she said, I had flipped my switch, so I had no emotions. I didn’t care about anything. Even Melanie. But I’m back now, and we’re gonna take care of you. We’ll show you what to do and how to do it.”

“I know what to do. Drink blood. And I was doing a pretty good job of it until the cops found me and shot me.”

“If you were doing a good job of it, you wouldn’t have been caught. We’ll teach you how to hunt and how to feed without killing. It’s not easy, especially at first, but you’ll learn.”

“Yeah, I’m still working on my self-control around humans, too.”

“You’re a vampire?”


“Are you new?”

“Yeah. But I wanted Cam to turn me. I begged him to.”


“I didn’t wanna lose him. And I didn’t want him to lose me, either.”

“So y’all are together?”

“Yeah. We’re getting married in June.”

“Oh. Congratulations.”

I looked in the rearview mirror and saw what I perceived to be disappointment in her expression. That was unsettling. If she was attracted to me, things could get dicey. I was hoping Melanie didn’t pick up on it.

“Thanks! We’re excited about it. My bridesmaids’ dresses are gorgeous! They’re blood red.”

“Are they vampires, too?”

“Ha! No. They’re all human.”

“Then, how are you gonna be around ‘em if you’re still having trouble controlling yourself? Aren’t you gonna wanna bite ‘em?”

“Well, we always wanna bite ‘em. We just have to learn to fight it. I think breathing through it is the key. Like women in labor, ya know? They breathe through the pain, and we breathe through the… urge to bite. And when we do feed on humans, we have to control the impulse to kill.”

“Yeah. I don’t know about that. I really wanna kill. I hate it, but I feel driven to do it. Am I terrible? Will that go away?”

I said, “You’re not terrible. And you’ll always want to. But that’s something you’ll learn to manage. You can do it.”

“How long have you been a vampire, Cam?”

“I was turned in 1910.”

“That’s amazing. So, I can live a hundred years, too?”

“Hundreds. Plural. You just have to be careful.”


Melanie said, “You won’t age or get sick, but you can be killed. You know about the sunlight, right?”

“I wasn’t sure. In Twilight, they can go out when it’s cloudy, so….”

“Don’t even think about it. I mean, even if that were true, and I’m not saying it is, what happens if there’s a break in the clouds? You burst into flames, right? Not worth the risk.”

“What about the stake thing?”

“Yes. A wooden stake in the heart, and it’s curtains. And ripping your heart out. What else, Cam?”

“Taking your head off.”

“Oh, yeah. That, too. And fire, of course.”

I said, “We’re really not immortal. We can live a long time, but we can die, and eventually, we do.”

“What about werewolf bites?” Harmony asked. Melanie and I both looked at each other and chuckled. “What is it?”

“I’m sorry,” I said. “We shouldn’t have laughed. It’s just that we don’t believe werewolves exist.”

“We’re vampires, and you’re laughing at me for asking about werewolves?” she said with a giggle.

Melanie and I chuckled a bit, as well, at the absurdity of our own reality.

I pulled into the garage, and we all climbed out. Instead of my side, where she had been sitting, Harmony chose to crawl over and exit on Melanie’s side of the car. I knew she was embarrassed about being in that hospital gown, so I didn’t mention it.

“Come on, Harmony. You’re a little taller, but otherwise, you look about my size. I think you can wear some of my clothes.”

“Thanks,” she said, holding the two sides of the light blue cotton garment together.

Stepping ahead of them, I opened the door and walked inside. I immediately turned back around, as I locked it, giving Melanie enough time to get Harmony downstairs.

After pouring myself a short glass full of Jack, I kicked back in my recliner and turned on the TV.

Netflix. Dexter.

As the beginning credits began, with that bizarre theme song, I thought about how good it was to be home, have Melanie back, and even have our new vampire there.

I wasn’t kidding myself. I was sure that things weren’t going to be easy, but after all that Melanie and I had been through lately, things seemed to be looking up.

Life—or death, if you will—was relatively good.

At least, for the moment.

~~~ Ɣ ~~~

Chapter 1

And that ‘moment’ was about as long as the good life lasted. Okay, it was a bit longer, but not by much.

When Harmony was dressed in some of Melanie’s shorts and a t-shirt, the two came upstairs. Melanie sat with me on the couch, and Harmony settled into my recliner. They drank wine, while I continued to sip on my Jack Daniel’s.

“How old are you, Harmony?” Melanie asked.

“Twenty-three. What about you guys?”

“I’m 26, and Cam is 29.”

“Well, actually, I’m 134 years old. I was 29 when I became a vampire.”

“You told me you were turned in 1910, right?”


Melanie said, “Have you talked to your family since all this happened?”

“They let me call home once. I talked to Mom and Dad, but that’s it. They wouldn’t let them see me at the hospital. Oh, I need to call and let them know I’m okay!”

I said, “You can’t. The police will be expecting you to. They’re probably with your parents now, waiting for you to either show up or call. Even if they aren’t there, the phones will be tapped. That would lead them right to you... and us.”

“This sucks, Cam!”

“I know. I’m really sorry.”

“I am, too, Harmony. It’s just as much my fault as his.”

“Why is that? He’s the one who killed me, right? How is that your fault?”

“You were still barely alive when I got there. I gave you my blood to try to heal you, but....”

“But what?”

“Then I fed on you, too. And I’m the one who caused Cam to turn off his humanity. I was so upset about what happened when Michael tried to set Cam up with his ex that I tried to punish him. And I went way too far with it. I hurt him more than he could stand, and that’s why he shut it off.”

“No, it’s on Michael. None of that would’ve happened if he hadn’t done what he did, which is why he deserves to die.”

“I know, I know. Harmony, do... I mean did you have a boyfriend?”

“We broke up the night before y’all attacked me.”

Simultaneously, Melanie and I said, “Sorry.”

“Y’all, just stop saying that. It’s getting old, and it’s not gonna change anything. It is what it is. I know you feel bad about it.”

And we did.

After another couple of hours of getting to know each other, the sun began to rise.

“Harmony, I have Melanie’s old bed set up in the other room downstairs. A lot of her junk is in there, but we’ll get it cleaned up tomorrow night.”


“You can go on to bed if you feel like it. Or you can shower. Everything you’ll need is in the bathroom.”

“Yeah, you can use my stuff,” Melanie said.


When Harmony went into the bathroom downstairs and turned on the shower, Melanie said, “Why’d you tell her to sleep down there? She’s gonna hear every move we make.”

“Do you trust her up here? She could easily slip out and go on another killing spree. Down there, she’ll have to go through our room to get to the stairs.”

“I just don’t like the idea of her being that close.”

“I don’t, either. But we can’t trust her to stay inside. It has to be this way.”

“I think she has a thing for you, Cam.”

“No, she doesn’t. She’s just horny. She’s a vampire. And a new one, at that. It’s not about me. I just happen to have a cock.”

“Yeah. And she wants it.”

“Again, it has nothing to do with me. She’d fuck anything with a cock right about now.”

“I know. That scares me. She needs to get laid big time. I could give her my vibrator. That’s a pretty sad substitute for a guy, but I guess it’s better than nothing.”

As Melanie went to offer Harmony her little pink friend, I stayed on the couch, feet up. I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV, thinking about the way Melanie was able to empathize with Harmony, even though she felt threatened by her. It was one of the many reasons I loved her.

~~~ Melanie ~~~

Talk about awkward! Geez. But I was sick of the way she was looking at my man, so I had to do something.

Harmony was still in the bathroom. I could smell my cucumber-melon lotion the minute she opened the bottle. I went over to the nightstand and took out my vibrator.

What the hell am I gonna say to her?


“Yeah. I....”

“You what?” she asked, opening the door.

She was naked and didn’t try to hide it from me. I was like, Whoa! I knew she was pretty, but her body was amazing. I got kind of tingly there, and I couldn’t help wondering what it would be like to do a three-way with her and Cam. Weird, I know, as possessive as I am, but it was a really hot thought.

“Uh.” My mind was still jumbled from that mini-fantasy, so I had a little trouble putting my words together. “I just thought you might wanna use this. It’s embarrassing, but I know how you feel, so.... If you don’t want it, that’s fine, too.”

“Thanks,” she said, taking it from me. “Not exactly what I’m horny for, but it’s better than nothing.”

I didn’t tell her that was what I had just told Cam.

“D’ya need anything else?”

“No, I’m fine. Thanks. For everything.”

“The sheets are clean. I washed ‘em when we moved the bed in. Not sure why. I never expected we’d be having a sleepover.”


“Oh, and there’s another fan in there, too, if you wanna block out some of the sound.”

“Okay. Thanks again.”

Cam was right about her needing to be downstairs, so we could keep an eye on her. I knew that, but at the same time, I was thinking she would be listening when we had sex. She was going to get off on it, and I didn’t like the idea of that, because it would make her want Cam even more. I mean, I can’t be quiet. When he’s playing my body the way he does, I get totally lost in the moment. He drives me crazy!

I was dreading hearing the buzz of my vibrator while Cam and I were going at it. But what’re ya gonna do, right?

~~~ Cam ~~~

Lovemaking with a horny vampire two doors down—not advisable.

We tried our best to keep it quiet, which seriously put a damper on our usual routine, but we didn’t want to make the circumstances any more difficult for Harmony.

The following night, we attempted to influence Harmony to be content in feeding on Melanie, but she was stir-crazy, after being cuffed to that hospital bed for so long. We both empathized with her, so we decided to take her out to hunt, figuring that the sooner we got her used to it, the sooner she could be on her own. And Melanie still needed to work on her control, so I thought the outing would also work to her advantage.

Though in theory, it seemed like a good idea, having the two of them under my care while being around humans was not something I was looking forward to.

We couldn’t think of a good plan, so we got into my car and headed out, hoping an opportunity would present itself. As I drove along, we smelled the distinct aroma of meat on a grill.

“Mmmm… I wanna steak,” Harmony whined.

“Ha! You won’t ever have another one of those!” Melanie said. “I tried to eat some stew back around the holidays. It was yummy going down, but not so much when it came back up.”

“Yeah, they tried to feed me at the hospital, but I kept getting sick.”

I said, “People cooking out. It might be a party, but I’m sure we could find a couple grilling in their back yard somewhere.”

“That’s a great idea, Cam. Harmony, you just watch us, and you’ll see how it’s done.”

Melanie, the expert hunter. I had to bite my lip to keep from laughing.

As the plan developed in my mind, I realized we should’ve taken Melanie’s car. The rumble of the engine in a Mustang is distinct, and it gets attention. Not to mention the look of it, especially a red one like mine. Not exactly inconspicuous.

It turned out that finding a cookout wasn’t difficult. The hard part was discovering one where we could park without causing people to take notice. After another half hour or so of searching, we happened upon a neighborhood that was in close proximity to a strip mall. After parking behind one of the shops, we got out and followed the aroma.

The first scene we found was a group of five adults. We could’ve taken them easily, but it would’ve been messy, and I don’t like messy. On we went, following that scent that had our mouths watering.

It didn’t take us long to find another cookout. A young man and woman in a large kidney-shaped pool, fooling around, while their meat sizzled over an open fire pit, came into view.

As we approached the back yard, Melanie said, “Pay attention, Harmony. You have to maintain control.”

Once more, I stifled a guffaw.

Before they even knew we were there, Harmony flew through the air, landing on top of the girl, taking her under the water, as she flailed about in a feeble attempt to escape the onslaught. A second later, like a choreographed number, Melanie grabbed the guy and latched onto his neck, as his screams pierced my eardrums, while he tugged on her hair and tried to push her away.

In the midst of all the mayhem, I yelled, to no avail, “Dammit, come on! Stop it!”

They had gone from stealthy predators, stalking their prey, to newbie vampires in a feeding free-for-all in an instant. It was utter pandemonium.

After grabbing Melanie, pulling her away from the guy’s throat and shoving her onto the grass a few feet away, I jumped into the pool and yanked Harmony and her dinner up to the surface. I then tossed Harmony over near where Melanie was sitting, wiping her mouth. I laid the woman on the edge of the pool and pushed her hair back off her face. All the while, the man was shrieking in horror.

Grasping him by the shoulders, staring into his eyes, I said, “Listen to me. You’re okay. Calm down and drink my blood. It’ll help you heal.”

I opened my veins and held my arm out to him, while I glanced around just in time to see that the girls were back on the woman, slurping down her life force.

“What the hell are you doing? Stop it!” I yelled, shoving them away, first Harmony and then Melanie.

After biting into my other wrist, I used it to inch her mouth open, allowing my blood to flow into her. In a few seconds, she began to cough, spewing red water all over her face and neck and the concrete around her.

“You’ve had enough,” I told the man. “I’m sorry about this. Your wife will be fine.”

Pulling away from him, I helped the woman sit up, while Harmony lapped at the concrete, trying to take in my blood that was in the water that her victim had coughed up.

“She’s not my wife. I just met her.”

“Oh. Well, whatever. She’s okay. When we leave, you won’t remember anything about what happened here. You won’t have any memory of seeing us.”

“What’s going on?”

“That’s right.”

Looking into the eyes of the traumatized female, I said, “You’re all right. When we leave, you won’t remember ever seeing us. You won’t know what occurred here tonight.”

“What happened?”

“Good girl.”

Glancing around, I saw Melanie sitting there, head down, humiliated, while she licked the red liquid off her arms. I could almost hear the thoughts going through her head, as she remembered how cocky she was, telling Harmony, “You just watch us, and you’ll see how it’s done.”

I had to laugh.

“What?” she asked, her eyebrows bunched together in annoyance.

“Come on, girls,” I said, as Melanie stood. Harmony lifted her head from the concrete and crawled to her feet. “Let’s get the hell outta here, before you two go back to Crazy Town.”

“Yeah, you really showed me how to hunt, Melanie. Thanks for that.”

“Bitch, you better shut the fuck up! I’ll kick your—”

“Hey! Both of you, simmer down. The last thing we need is for the two of you to tie up. We have to put this scene in the rearview and try to forget about it.”

“Yeah. Sorry,” Harmony said.

“Me, too.”

The girls got back into the pool and washed the blood away, and then we went into the house, found some towels, dried off as best we could, and made our escape.

That little outing made cat-herding look easy. I shake my head and chuckle every time it comes to mind. I don’t know what I was thinking.

As we ran at preternatural speed away from the scene of that debacle, I ordered them not to slow down until we reached my car, while hoping and praying they didn’t smell blood along the way.

When we were seated inside, I looked at them, and we all burst into fits of laughter. I truly wish I could paint a better picture for you with words, but there just are none that could accurately depict the mayhem that was the hunt.

While it was humorous, it was also disturbing and worrisome. I attempted to focus on the fact that it was Harmony’s first lesson, and she would improve. At least, I hoped she would.

Clearly, being with the newbie had caused Melanie to regress dramatically. It appeared that with both of them, I was back to square one, which was rather discouraging, considering I had no idea how to get to the next proverbial square, especially with them together. But for the moment, they were fed, and that was my main concern.

As I drove us home, I had an alternative station playing.

When Bloodstream by Stateless came on, Melanie said, “Aaaww... Harmony, that’s one of the songs we played the night Cam turned me. It was so special.”


“Yeah. It was so romantic. We—”

“Uh, Melanie... I don’t think we need to tell her about that.”

“Oh. Yeah. Sorry.”


“Never mind,” I said.

“That’s just rude,” Harmony snapped.

I popped back at her with, “Do you really wanna hear about our fucking mind-shattering, off-the-charts, phenomenal lovemaking? I was trying to spare you that, because I know you’re horny as hell, and we can’t help you with that, but if you insist....”

“No. That’s okay.” After a short pause, she said, “About that.... You wouldn’t happen to have a good-looking vampire friend I could hang with, would ya? Actually, at this point, looks aren’t all that important. I’d settle for the low side of average. As long as he has a dick, I’m game.”

Glancing in the rearview mirror, I could see that her eyes were on me.

“Not around here. Sorry.”

“Oh, she would be perfect for Michael!”

“How do you know?” I asked, shocked that she would think such a thing.

“Well, she’s pretty... and she has a good body. And she kinda has an attitude.”

“Sounds like somebody else I know,” I said, smirking.

“Ha! Thanks. Sort of.”

“Who’re y’all talking about?”

“A guy Cam met right after he was turned. He taught him how to hunt and stuff. They were friends until....”

“Is he hot?”

My eyes shot over to Melanie’s, and she was grinning at me.

“He’s not as hot as Cam, but he’s not hard to look at. I think you’d like him.”

“Wait. They were friends until what?”

“He compelled Melanie to fuck him, and then he erased her memory of it. Then he tried to set me up with my ex. He’s the reason I shut off my humanity, which was why you were turned. And if I ever see him again, I’m gonna rip his heart out. Fucking asshole.”

“Fuck you, asshole!”

“No!” I said with a chuckle. “I didn’t mean you. I meant he’s a fucking asshole.”

“Oh. Sorry,” she said, giggling.

“We need to hook them up, Cam.”

“Did you not hear what I said? I’m gonna kill his sorry ass!”

“Oh, get a grip. We survived, and we’re good. Knowing that is enough punishment for him.”

“What does that mean?”

“He’s fixated on Melanie.”

“So, he’s in love with you, too? Not sure I wanna be with a guy who’s hung up on somebody else.”

“What difference does it make? He can teach you to hunt, you can feed on him, you can fuck him.... And Cam and I can get back to normal at our house.”

“Well, I hate to intrude on y’all, but I didn’t exactly have a choice in the matter.”

“No, it’s not that. It’s just that... we’re not used to having company. I didn’t mean for it to sound rude. It’s not your fault.”

“Hell, no, it’s not! I was just parked on the side of the road, checking my tires, when—”

“Harmony, I’m sorry,” I said. “There’s no excuse for what I did to you. None. But if you’re ever tempted to turn off your humanity, remember what I did to you. I would’ve never done anything like that if my emotions weren’t off.”

“I still don’t understand what that means, but... whatever. Like you said, you made me, and you rescued me from the police and took me to your house, so I’m your responsibility.”


~~~ Melanie ~~~

Yep. I went off the deep end. Full feeding frenzy, right there in front of Harmony. Hell, I tore into that woman with her, after Cam pulled her out of the water! I don’t know what came over me. It was like we were competing for the last drops of blood on Earth. It was crazy!

Oh, God, I was so embarrassed! It would’ve been bad enough if I hadn’t said those things to her, like I was some badass with mad hunting skills. Yeah, I really showed her how it was done, didn’t I? I felt like crawling under something.

Enough of that... forever!

The more I thought about Harmony and Michael together, the more it made sense. I knew they would be the perfect couple, but Cam was determined to kill him. I was sure that with my powers of persuasion, I would be able to get him to see things from my point of view. That was my plan, anyway.

~~~ Cam ~~~

When we got back to my house, we all went in and put on some dry clothes and then sat down in the living room. It was fairly obvious that we were all reflecting on the hunting fiasco, as the three of us were staring off into space.

Melanie broke the silence, saying, “I don’t know why I put these clothes on. I can feel the chlorine on my skin. I’m gonna go take a shower.”

“Okay, babydoll.”

“Wanna join me?”

“I think I’m gonna have a drink.”


She gave me a kiss, and then I watched her stand and walk away. I knew she’d turn around to see if I was looking, so I kept my eyes on her ass. Just as she was about to go into the stairwell, she glanced back at me with a wink and a grin.

I wanted to go down and shower with Melanie, but I didn’t trust Harmony not to leave and attack the neighbors. After grabbing the remote, I turned on the TV and started up another episode of Dexter.

“Don’t you ever watch anything else?”

“I like this show. I only have another season and a half left. D’you want me to put something else on?”

“No, it’s okay. I was just picking at you.”

I stood, and as I walked into the kitchen, I said, “I’m gonna get some Jack. D’you want anything?”

“Yeah. I do.”

“Whatta ya want? Melanie has....”

Before I could finish my sentence, I heard a swish and detected Harmony’s scent getting stronger. In the blink of an eye, she was behind me, naked. Her arms were wrapped around me, with her hands on my cock and her fangs in my neck.

My first thought was Melanie. I knew she would smell my blood and immediately recognize it.

I spun around, dislodging her teeth and causing her to lose her grip on my growing erection. I pushed her away from me, but she rushed back with a vengeance.

Just as she grasped my shoulders and was going for my throat, Melanie appeared, clad only in a towel. As I was shoving Harmony, Melanie took hold of her and threw her against the refrigerator, making a huge dent in it, as her terrycloth wrap fell.

“You, fucking slut!”

Harmony bounced off the fridge and fell to the floor, and Melanie was on her before she landed.

“Melanie, come on!” I yelled.

I bent over, put my arms underneath her, and tried to lift her off the screaming baby vamp. When I raised Melanie’s body, Harmony shrieked even louder, as her head rose off the floor. She then dropped, as the chunk of her throat that was in Melanie’s mouth ripped away. Melanie spat it out, screaming and growling, as blood squirted all over the walls, cabinets, appliances, floor, and even the ceiling, before Harmony’s body healed itself enough to stop the massive hemorrhage.

Melanie was fighting to free herself from my grip, as I dragged her away. Harmony tried to stand but lost her balance, when she slipped on the blood. Her feet flew out from under her, and she landed on her back with a splat and a loud grunt.

“Baby, it’s okay,” I said, as I took her into the upstairs bathroom.

“The fuck, it is!”

I closed the door and turned on the water in the shower.

“Get in there and wash up. Looks like I’m gonna be busy cleaning the kitchen for a while.”

“You’re not going anywhere near her again without me right beside you! Fucking cunt!”

I took off my clothes and joined Melanie in the shower. We held each other like we’d been apart for years.

“You know I love you, babydoll. More than I love my own life. I don’t want anyone but you. Only you.”

“I’m so afraid of losing you, Cam.”

“You won’t ever lose me. I belong to you. I’m yours... forever. You know that, don’t you?”

“Yeah. I do. And I love you so much.”

“I love you, baby.”

With her arms encircling my neck, she pulled herself up and wrapped her legs around my waist. Leaning against the wall to steady myself, I lifted her enough for the head of my cock to find its home. When it slid inside her, we both groaned. As she bounced on me, we quickly neared orgasm. Less than a minute later, we both erupted.

Melanie’s climactic scream and my groan of ecstasy were interrupted by the sound of Harmony’s sobs. As Melanie put her feet down onto the tub, our eyes met. I could see from her expression that she was disturbed by the agonizing cries of our progeny, due to her overwhelming need for sex and blood. We both knew it well.

“Poor Harmony,” she said.

“Poor Harmony? You just tried to kill her!”

“I was in a jealous rage. You, of all people, should know what that feels like.”

“No denying that. I understand completely.”

“She’s miserable, Cam. Just listen to her.” We paused for a few seconds, as her wailing assaulted our ears, while tears appeared in Melanie’s eyes. “I can only imagine how I’d feel if I didn’t have you. I’d be just like her... a mess.”

“Yep. An insatiable mess,” I said, taking her into my arms. “You’re so special, Melanie.”

“Special? Whatta ya mean?”

“I love the way you care so much about other people—even when you see them as adversaries.”

“I can’t help it. I’ve always been like that. Sometimes I wish I wasn’t.”

“Don’t ever change, Melanie. It’s part of who you are, and I love that about you.”

“Good. ‘Cause short of flipping my humanity switch, I don’t know how.”

“Yeah, and we both know what a nightmare that would be.”

“Right. Not an option. Come on.”

We stepped out of the tub, dried off, and then went downstairs and got dressed. The bedroom door was closed, so Melanie knocked on it.

“Harmony? Can we come in?”

“Hold on.”

Melanie and I glanced at each other, as we heard Harmony approaching, sniffling.

After unlocking the door, she opened it and said, “Y’all, I’m so sorry! I’m soooooo sorry! I’m just crazy! I’ve lost my mind! I—”

“I’m sorry I attacked you like that, Harmony. I kinda went crazy, too.”

Melanie took Harmony into her arms, and they hugged for several seconds. Then we walked in, and the two girls sat on the bed, as I took a seat in the chair by the dresser.

“Melanie, you had every right to do what you did. I would’ve done exactly the same thing if I were you. I feel awful about it.”

“I was just telling Cam that I know I’d be in the same condition if I didn’t have him. I’d go after the first guy I saw, and for you, that’s Cam. Of course, that doesn’t make it okay, but I get it.”

“No, it doesn’t. Please don’t hate me, Melanie. I don’t know what I’d do without you. I guess I’d die.”

“We don’t hate you, Harmony. It’s our fault that you’re going through this.”

Melanie looked at me as if she wanted me to confirm her statement.

“That’s true. If I hadn’t gone off the rails and attacked you, you’d be living a normal human life. You wouldn’t even know us.”

“Y’all, I don’t know what to do. I’m trying not to go out and find somebody, because if I do, I’ll drain him. And I’ll either be killed or locked up. I just....”

“We have to help her, Cam.”

“I know. We’ll figure something out.”

“No, I mean right now. Look at her.”

With no idea of what Melanie was getting at, I said, “Yeah?”

~~~ Ɣ ~~~

Chapter 2

~~~ Cam ~~~

Harmony was sitting with her heel pressed against her crotch, rocking back and forth on it. When she realized what Melanie was talking about, she shifted and brought her knees up in front of her chest, wrapping her arms around them.

“She needs a man.”

“And we’ll find her one.”

After a quick glance at Harmony, her eyes landed on mine. They seemed to be pleading.

“We’ll be right back,” Melanie said.

Grabbing my hand, she led me upstairs, into the bathroom, and turned on the water.

“What’re you doing?”

“I don’t want her to hear what we’re saying,” she whispered. “Cam, she needs somebody now.”

“I know. We’re gonna have to—”

“No, I mean right now.”

“What’re you talking about?”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this, but... we have to do something for her. Until we can find a better solution.”

My eyes went wide, as her idea dawned on me.

“Are you saying you want me to be with her? That’s crazy!”

“Not just you.”

“Oh. So, you’re saying you want a threesome with her?”

“Well... the thought crossed my mind.”

“Are you sure you wanna go there?”

“Would you be okay with it?”

“I just don’t wanna do something that could damage our relationship. I’m not sure how much more it could take, and I can’t lose you.”

“You won’t lose me. Not unless you betray me. This is my idea, and I would be right there with you. With both of you. That’s not cheating. And honestly, after what I put you through with Jay, I deserve to see you with another woman.”

“That was temporary insanity... on both our parts. So is this cockamamie proposal. This is not the solution, babydoll. I appreciate what you’re trying to do for her, but no. I don’t wanna hurt you.”

“I know it’s crazy. But again, why is she going through this?”

“Just spit it out, Melanie. You really want this, don’t you?”

“It’s a win-win. She gets what she needs, and... I get to do something I wanna do.”

“So, do you wanna just be with her yourself, or both of us?”


“But what about afterward? Are you gonna get all weird and insecure, like you were about Karina?”

“Cam, you don’t ever have to worry about that anymore. I promise. I screwed up big time over that. But that’s all in the past. Right now, we have to deal with the consequences of our actions. Exhibit A,” she said, waving a hand toward the floor, under which Harmony was waiting.

“Baby, you just ripped a chunk of her throat out for trying to be with me.”

“That was about betrayal! She did that behind my back, and she pissed me off! And if she does that again, I’ll tear her heart out. But this is different.”

“I don’t know.”

“Come on.”

As she turned off the water, I took hold of her by the shoulders and turned her to face me.

“Are you 100 percent sure about this?”

“It’s really turning me on. Is that sick?”

I whispered, “It’s kinky as hell, but it’s not sick.”

“I know it’s gonna hurt me afterward, but I wanna do this for her... and for me. When I think of what she’s going through, I feel so guilty. I just think this’ll help me get rid of some of that.”

“Okay. But you’re not gonna flip out and try to kill her again, are you?”

“No. I promise.”

“All right. But for the record, I’m against it.”

“Duly noted.”

We then went back downstairs and into Harmony’s room.

“Wow. That really makes me feel special. I’m a consequence. An exhibit. I guess that’s not as bad as a monster... which is actually what I am.”

“You heard that?” Melanie asked.

I said, “Harmony, you’re no more a monster than we are. We’ve both been where you are. We know how you feel, and that’s why we wanna help you. And we’re going to.”

Harmony put her face down between her knees, and the sobbing resumed.

Melanie reached out to me. I took her hand, and she pulled me toward her. She began to unbutton my jeans, and I grabbed her hands. She looked up at me.

“You’re certain that you wanna do this?”

“She’s suffering. So yes, I’m sure.”

I let go of her hands, and she unzipped my pants. Harmony looked up and watched in shock, eyes open wide, as Melanie tugged at my jeans and boxers. I took over, pushing them down and stepping out of them, as Melanie slipped off her own tank top. I tossed my shirt aside, as Harmony’s eyes focused on my erect cock. She started to lunge for it, but Melanie moved between us.

“Hold on. Let’s get you undressed. Cam, get behind her.”

As Harmony tore her clothes off, I crawled onto the bed.

“Oh, Melanie! Thank you so much!” she squealed, throwing her arms around her neck.

The three of us were standing on our knees, as Harmony took Melanie’s mouth over. Harmony was arching her back, pressing her ass against me. I grabbed my cock and moved its head down between her legs. When I felt her wet heat, a surge of blood rushed to my crotch and made me even harder.

As I slid into Harmony’s juicy pussy, she moaned and whimpered, and after only a few seconds, she broke the kiss and screamed out her orgasm.

“Fuck me!”

She bit into Melanie’s throat, as I pounded into her, while my eyes locked onto Melanie’s. She eased away from Harmony and lay back, as the ravenous baby vamp went down and began to lick her pussy.

“Don’t stop fucking her, Cam.”

“No, don’t stop!” Harmony gasped.

“You, get back to eating me. Just don’t bite me,” Melanie said with a grin.


She then slid two fingers into that sweet pussy that I knew so well, causing Melanie to whimper and whine, while Harmony’s tongue worked on her clit. I could see by Melanie’s facial expressions that she was getting close, so I held back with my cock. I’m not sure why, but I wanted us to all come at once. I watched my babydoll to gauge my performance by what she was feeling, knowing I could send Harmony easily.

As soon as Melanie’s whimpers and whines began to get progressively higher in pitch, I grabbed Harmony’s hips. When Melanie’s sounds turned to shrieks of pleasure, I hammered that pussy the way it needed to be fucked. After five hard thrusts, she was also screaming, so I kept giving it to her, until she began to come down, and then I pulled out and shot my load onto her ass. Naturally, I wanted to bite her, but the urge was completely manageable, unlike it had always been with my love.

Harmony collapsed onto her left side, and I fell to my right, beside Melanie.

“Oh, man! That was awesome! I needed that so bad, you don’t even know!”

Simultaneously, Melanie and I said, “Yeah, we do.”

After we stopped laughing, Melanie whispered, “He’s good with his tongue and fingers, too.” We both looked at her, wondering if she wanted me to prove it. “Don’t ya wanna show her?”

“D’ya want me to?”

“Yeah. I want you to fuck me, while you’re eating her pussy.”


“Get on your back, Harmony.”


She did as she was told, and then Melanie lay on her back at an angle. That was when I realized what she wanted. As I went down onto my elbows, with my hands on Harmony’s hips, Melanie eased into place under me and put my head between her slippery lips.

As my face descended between Harmony’s legs, I looked over at Melanie. She had put a pillow under her head, and she was watching me.

“Eat her while you fuck me, Cam. I wanna see your tongue on her pussy.”

It had been a long time since I’d had two women, but I had never experienced anything like being inside Melanie, while licking the clit of another woman. Having our eyes locked onto each other’s as I did it made it so intense. We were pleasing her together.

I thought of what Melanie was doing for Harmony. Though I could see that she was enjoying it in that moment, I knew it had to also hurt her. I was sure that after she came down from the high of her arousal, she would be bombarded with fear, jealousy, and maybe even some sense of betrayal. It was a huge sacrifice, and I was proud of her for caring so much for someone else that she was willing to experience those negative feelings in order to help a friend... though it wasn’t completely selfless.

Working Harmony’s pussy with my tongue and my fingers, I picked up the pace, as I fucked Melanie hard and fast. Harmony began to scream, which seemed to trigger Melanie’s orgasm, which then set off mine. Melanie latched onto my neck, and Harmony tried to get to me, but of course, it was impossible in that position. In her desperation for blood, she bit into her own wrist. I glanced up just in time to see her fangs puncture her skin.

“No! Don’t do that!”

She looked at me, but she couldn’t stop. In a matter of seconds, her hand fell onto her chest, and her head lay back on the mattress, as her strength waned to nothing. I removed my fingers from her and eased over onto Melanie.

As I covered Melanie’s mouth with mine, our tongues dancing together, she was tasting and smelling Harmony on me. She moaned, and I knew that she liked it. Her inner walls were hugging my cock in an undulating motion that caused it to return to its full rigidity. With Harmony lying unconscious beside us, I made love to the woman who owned my heart and soul.

“I love you, Melanie.”

“I love you, Cam.”

Lifting her legs and draping them over my shoulders, I continued to pound into her for another 20 minutes or so, while she moaned and cried out. Then, as her orgasmic whines turned to screams, her nails flayed my back and my ass.

The second I smelled my blood, I knew what was coming. I felt Harmony’s fangs sink into my left cheek.


Though her head was bobbing up and down with the motion of my hips, as I sent Melanie into orbit, Harmony was undeterred, refusing to release me. Even after we had both come down, and I was completely still, those teeth were embedded in my ass.

“Harmony! Let him go!” That got no response. “Harmony, seriously! Get your fangs out of Cam’s ass! I mean it!” Still nothing. “Harmony!”

Melanie had had enough. She took her right leg off my left shoulder and pushed Harmony off of me with her foot.

When her mouth was forced away from me, she ripped my flesh, and I cried out. Finally, she came to her senses.

“Oh, shit! I’m sorry, Cam!”

“It’s okay.”

“Melanie, I went crazy again! I’m—”

“No worries.”

Melanie and I crawled off the bed and picked up our clothes.

“What the hell happened to me? Why did I pass out like that?”

“Did we not tell you that you can’t drink your own blood?” I asked.

“I don’t know. If you did, I don’t remember it.”

“Yeah, it’ll do that every time. It takes a while to get your strength back. Not good.”

“Thanks for what we just did, y’all. Melanie, you’re an angel. I’ll never forget you doing this for me.”

“It’s okay. But just remember… only this once. We’re gonna get you some help, but until then, it’s back to the vibrator.”

“I know. If I ever get outta my mind again, I’ll just bite myself!”

We all laughed, and Melanie and I left the room and closed the door. We went into our bathroom and got into the shower once more.

“Cam, we can’t do that again.”

“I can’t believe we did it that time.”

She mouthed, “She has to go.”

I mouthed back, “I know. But we can’t just put her out. You know what would happen, and without me there to clean up the mess.... It’s too risky.”

“I’m calling Michael,” she said. “She can go with him.”

“The hell, you are!”

“Whatta you suggest? We’re not gonna be Three’s Company vamp style. My generosity only goes so far, ya know.”

“This is a nightmare. All thanks to Michael. And instead of killing him, which you know he deserves, you wanna fix him up!”

“Again. Do you have a better idea? Let him deal with her.”

“What makes you think he would? He knows I’ll kill him if I see him.”

“You can’t. We need him.”

After our shower, we got dressed and went to the living room to watch TV. A few minutes into the show, we heard Harmony coming up the stairs. She sat in my chair, leaned onto the left arm, and pulled her feet up behind her.

“Okay, so where’s this Michael guy? D’you think he’d wanna hook up? ‘Cause I seriously need to get laid again... about 50 times a night... if not more.”

Harmony ran her fingers through her hair and began to chew on one of her fingernails. Though Melanie and I had just given her three strong orgasms, she was still in a bad way, and it wasn’t going to get better without someone to take care of her sexually. As much as I hated the thought of not ending Michael, Melanie’s proposal made sense. Something had to be done.

“I don’t know,” Melanie said. “But I could call him.”

I looked at her, hating what she was saying but knowing it was the only solution.

“What’re ya gonna tell him? I mean, he knows I wanna kill him. He’s not gonna come back here.”

“I know. But maybe I could meet him somewhere.”

“Abso-fucking-lutely not!”

“Cam, he’s afraid of you! You said yourself that he’s not gonna come back here!”

“D’you know where he is? Have you heard from him?”


“I don’t know how we’re gonna work this.”

“Hold on,” said Harmony. “Are you gonna just dump me off on him? I’m sure he’s really gonna want that!”

“Cam, you could tell him that if he’ll do this for us, you won’t hurt him.”

“Yeah, and I’m sure that won’t sound like I’m setting him up. He’s not stupid enough to fall for that.”

“If he’ll do it, will you promise me that you won’t hurt him? If you will, maybe I can convince him to go along.”


“Come on, Cam. What else can we do?”

“I don’t have a clue.”


“I feel so loved right now.”

When Harmony said that, I felt her pain. She didn’t ask for any of the chaos we had brought into her world. I glanced at Melanie and saw sympathy in her expression. I didn’t know what to say. I certainly didn’t want to set Melanie off, so I waited for her to respond.

“We’re not trying to make you feel bad, Harmony. It’s not your fault. It’s just not working, with you staying here with us. You know that.”

“So, I’m gonna have to leave Birmingham?

“Yeah,” Melanie said. “It’s not safe for you here, anyway.”

“There’re probably hunters all over the place,” I added. “Your story made national headlines. You’re aware of that, right?”


“And it’s not like you can go back home. You wouldn’t wanna hurt someone you love... or worse.”

Tears welled in her eyes and poured over her lids. Her pretty face turned red, as she wiped her cheeks and tried to regain her composure.

“I know. You’re right. And I’m thankful that you rescued me. Seriously. I’d be totally dead now if you hadn’t. It’s just so hard. My whole life has been taken away from me... literally. I’m dead! And I’ve lost everything and everyone I ever cared about.”

When I heard a sniffle from Melanie, I looked at her and saw her wipe away a tear. Our eyes met, and then she stood and went over to Harmony.

Squatting down by the chair, she put her hand on Harmony’s and said, “I’m so sorry that we did this to you. Please don’t take it that we hate you. We don’t. And we wanna help you. I just think you’d be much better off with Michael if he’s willing to take you with him.”

“But he’s in love with you.”

“Listen, he can’t have me, and he knows that. I think he’ll like you. And even if things don’t work out for you to be a couple, he could be a friend and teach you how to survive as a vampire like he did for Cam. He could do it a lot better than we can. I mean, we all know that I’m not exactly the portrait of self-control.”

She giggled, and then so did Harmony.

“Yeah. I’m worried about your wedding, girl. You’re gonna eat everybody there.”

With an expression that said, Yikes, Melanie replied, “I hope not.”

Harmony made a valid point—one that Melanie and I were going to have to talk about soon.

Melanie stood, patted Harmony’s shoulder, and walked back over to the couch, where she plopped down beside me. She gave me a quizzical look.

“Fine. Go ahead and call him. But you’re not gonna meet him without me going with you.”

“Whatever. Let’s just see what he says. We don’t even know if he’s gonna go along with it.”


She rushed downstairs, retrieved her phone, and then reappeared at my side. She placed the call and then put it on speaker.


“Hey, Michael.”

“Are you trying to help Camden find me?”

“No. Actually, I need a favor.”

“I’m a long way from Birmingham, and you would be, too, if ya knew what was good for ya.”

“Whatta ya mean?”

“Word in the vampire community is that Birmingham is crawling with hunters. They’re all looking for that girl you turned and whoever turned her. I figured you knew that.”

“How would we? We don’t know any other vampires. Well, except Karina, of course,” she said with a quick glare in my direction.

“Is she still there?”

“How would I know?”

“Anyway, whatta ya need?”

“Um. You’re on speaker, by the way.”

“Thanks. Hey, Garrett.”

Reluctantly, I said, “Hey.”

“Michael, we have a situation. The girl? Harmony?”

“Yeah. What about her?”

“She’s with us. And it’s not working out.”

“What’s going on?”

“Um, Cam and I took her out to teach her to hunt, and all Hell broke loose. Harmony and I went into a frenzy and almost killed a man and a woman.”

Michael’s laughter burst through the phone.

“That’s classic!”

Harmony giggled, and we had to smile. It was pretty funny.

I said, “Bottom line is that I can’t take these two out together. And I can’t take Harmony out by myself.”

“Aw, hell, naw!” Melanie yelled.

“Yeah. I see your predicament. Whatta ya want me to do about it?”

“Michael, Cam promised me that if you would take Harmony and teach her how to hunt and stuff, he would let you live.”

“Melanie, I’m not going back to Birmingham. Y’all need to get outta there, too.”

“We’ll meet you somewhere.”

“Never mind! Y’all, he don’t wanna help me.”

“It’s not that. I wouldn’t mind, but....”

“Michael, she has another issue that—”

“Melanie!” Harmony shrieked.

“She’s in serious need of a daily horse-fucking!”

“Oh, my God!” she yelled, as she stood and stormed out of the room.

Michael laughed, while I gave Melanie a look, shaming her for embarrassing Harmony.

“Sorry, Harmony, but he needs to know what’s going on. I thought it might sweeten the deal.”

From the basement, she yelled, “I can’t believe you said that!”

“Garrett, did you mean what you promised Melanie?”

“I didn’t want to, but I didn’t see any way around it. I won’t kill you if you’ll help us out with this.”

“You swear?”

“Yeah. I don’t know what else to do.”

“How does the girl feel about it?”

Melanie said, “She’s not thrilled about it, especially since I just humiliated the hell out of her, but she knows this isn’t working. She’s willing to go along with it.”

“Okay. We’ll give it a try. Meet me in Huntsville. That’s half-way. You okay with that?”

I said, “Yeah. We can do that.”

“Tomorrow night?”

“Sure. Thanks, man. I appreciate it. Harmony’s cool. I think you’ll like her.”

“I hope she’ll be okay.”

“She will.”

“I’ll, uh, text you an address sometime tomorrow evening. Wanna meet about 10:30?”

“That’s a couple-hour trip from here, right?”

“About that.”

“Okay. See ya then.”


As I handed Melanie’s phone back to her, I couldn’t help noticing the smirk on her face.


“I knew you’d come around. It’s gonna work. I just know it.”

“I hope you’re right. But we now have a bigger problem to worry about. Well, two of them.”


“One, the hunters. And two, the wedding.”


“We’re gonna have to postpone it.”

“Cam! No!”

“D’you really wanna make the national headlines? I can see it now,” I said, moving my hand as if it were highlighting giant letters on the front page of a newspaper. “WEDDING PARTY SLAIN IN GRUESOME VAMPIRE ATTACK. Is that what you want?”

As her face drew into a pitiful frown, and tears welled in her eyes, she whimpered, “No. But I still have time to get better.”

“It’s not a cancellation, sugar. It’s a postponement. For a few months.”


“It’s not worth the risk.”

“I don’t wanna postpone it.”

“Hey! How about a Halloween wedding? That would be fun! Maybe we could have it at The Haunted Bar & Grille!”

“I don’t wanna wait that long. I wanna do it now.”

“Babydoll, there’s no way we could get you around a bunch of humans, especially women, without you attacking someone. It would be crazy to try to do it that soon. Insane.”

“I just... wanna be your wife.”

“I know. I think I want it more than you do, but this is not the time. You don’t have the control to handle it. And after what happened tonight, I’m certain that there’s no way you could be ready in a month.”

~~~ Ɣ ~~~

Chapter 3

~~~ Melanie ~~~

May 3, 2015

Our wedding was set for June 6th. I wanted to believe that I could be around my family and friends on that date and not go into a feeding frenzy and kill them all, but I knew Cam was right. I wasn’t ready, and it wasn’t worth the risk.

I dreaded telling April, but I had to let her be the first to know.

“Hey, bitch!”

“Hey, bitch.”

“What’s wrong?”

“We have to postpone the wedding.”


“Take a wild guess.”

“That other vampire?”

“Well, that’s part of it. Cam took us out to hunt, and it was a freaking bloodbath.”

“Oh, my God! Mel, you didn’t kill anybody, did you?

“No. But if Cam hadn’t pulled us off of ‘em, we would’ve killed two people. It was awful. But then I had to face the fact that if we had the wedding now, it would most likely be a repeat of what happened last night. I can’t take that chance.”

“No, you can’t. Sorry, Mel. I know how bad you want it.”

“I do,” I said, bursting into tears.

“Oh, honey. It’ll be okay. It’ll be better then.”

“Cam wants to do it on Halloween at The Haunted Bar & Grille.”

“Do they do weddin’s there?”

“I don’t know, but why wouldn’t they if the money’s right?”

“Have you ever been there?”

“No. You?”

“No. But I’ve always wanted to. Why didn’t we ever go?”

“Beats me. Well, I gotta make a bunch o’ calls and cancel everything.”

“Are you gonna tell your mom?”

“I’m sure she’ll hear from somebody in the family, so I’m not calling her. She’ll be on top o’ the world. I didn’t tell her about it to start with, ‘cause I don’t want her there. I’m sure she’ll hate the Halloween theme. She’ll probably tell me I’m going to Hell for it. I don’t care what she thinks.”

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