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Dirty Daddy Incest Bundle!

4 Pack - Volume 2

By Sharon Dick

First Edition, eBook Edition.



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This is a work of erotic fiction and contains GRAPHIC DEPICTIONS OF SEX, WHICH MAY OFFEND SOME AUDIENCES. This book is meant for MATURE AUDIENCES AGED 18 OR OLDER.

All characters depicted in sexual acts in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older and all sex acts are consensual by all characters involved.

Sharon Dick is proud to be an Adult Tagged author!

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Revenge Fucked By Daddy!

In The Back Seat!

By Sharon Dick

Saturdays were my day to chill. I walked the half block to East Pine Park to hang out. There was a huge fountain and outdoor pavilion for weddings, parties and all sorts of events. It was my place to people watch. It was my haven. Until it was invaded by the cheer twins, Alicia and Brooke.

There they were swinging on my swings. What the hell am I going to do now? Of course I never was one to back down from a fight or turn away from conflict. I usually stirred it up. So I approached the problem head on.

“Hey,” I said, walking up to them and falling down into an open swing.

“Hey. Monica right? We’re have Art Appreciation together,” Alicia said, taking notice of me.

“Why not.” I shrugged. “You an Art major?”

“Me, no.” She grabbed her chest and chuckled. “I’m just taking easy courses to keep my gpa up and stay on the cheer squad.”

“Right. Well. Good luck with that.” I pumped my legs harder, propelling myself higher up in the swing. I thought if I ignored them, they would find someplace else to go.

The two went back to their giggling. They stuck around, but had obviously already lost interest in the novelty of seeing an ordinary coed out in public. The tone of their laughter was so annoying, it scratched at my ears and I wanted to claw them off. I had to stop them.

I hopped out of the swing, sticking the landing on my feet. Pretty impressive. I thought, even in front of the cheerleading duo. They even offered applause. I bowed and asked, “So you two practicing around here?”

“No my dad’s getting remarried,” Brooke said, waving the hem of the hideous yellow dress she was wearing.

“And you’re here and not at the wedding because . . .”

“They’re taking pictures by the fountain.”

Of course. I knew how long that took. I wasn’t getting these perky bitches out of here any time soon. Shit. I turned on my heels to leave. That’s when my dad’s text came in.

Dad: Monica, where are you?

Dad: Not the park. I hope.

Monica: You guessed right. Be home in sixty.

Dad: Stay where you are.

“What’s his deal?” I turned to the two giggly bitches and flashed my phone. “Gotta go.”

“Whatever.” They shrugged.

As if they had better plans. I made my way to the merry go round to wait on dad. When he stormed up he caught the attention of the cheerleaders.

“Mmmm,” Alicia moaned, gathering her dress in bunches.

My dad in his early sixties had sexy salt and pepper hair and a strong jaw. The perfect type for any college coed’s daddy fetish.

“Do you know this drink of water?” Brooke moaned, taking a step toward him. Her panties were dripping for dad.

And the distinguished hottie was all mine. “Daddy!” I squealed, flinging my arms around his neck. Both of their mouths dropped open.

“Introduce us,” Alicia gushed.

Not on your life. I thought, jealously holding back a sudden fire of lust smoldering between my thighs.

“Call me Graham.” He offered his hand. When they took it, he brought them one by one to his lips and kissed.

Get off him. I fumed, creaming my panties. What’s happening to me? I was both enraged and dying to get screwed, but I had to contain myself.

“Daddy, these are my classmates.” I flashed a big smile and squeezed my dad’s arm. “They’re here for a wedding.”

“So am I,” he growled in my ear. “The bitch of a bride is my ex.”

Lydia?” I’d forgotten about her. Dad was banging her every night up until a few months ago. Ever since she walked away he’d been prowling the house, horny to find a fresh pussy to fuck. Here I was introducing him to two willing victims. Not on my watch. If anyone’s getting revenge fucked, it’s going to be me!

“Oh, you need to talk to me in the car.” I pinched dad’s ass, hoping he’d get the hint and take me away to be alone.

Strangely, his hand dropped pretty low and cupped my ass. “Gotta go girls.” He winked and turned us around.

I know both Alicia and Brooke saw the firm grip he had on my ass as we walked away. I didn’t care. Screw those sluts. “What a piece of work, Lydia is.” I said extra loud. “Marrying that jerk off on the rebound. You should find a slut and fuck her hard tonight.”

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