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Daddy’s Slumber Party Sluts

Sara Kitty

To all the naughty people who think dirty thoughts

and keep me in business. Stay dirty.

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My daughter has just turned eighteen and is having a sleepover with some of her closest friends. They’re gathering in my basement now — a group of nubile eighteen year-old girls. My cock is twitching at the thought as I stir the drugs into the milk I’m about to bring them with the cookies I baked. What can I say? I’m a rotten father. I’m going to drug my daughter and her friends using a special powder that will make them open to anything. Then I’m going to make her friends watch me fuck my daughter. I’m in pain right now from being so hard! I need a release, and my soon to be basement prisoners are perfect for it. They’re probably down there right now braiding each other’s hair and talking about guys they want to make out with — after all, my daughter and her friends are good girls who are saving themselves for marriage. That’s what Emma tells her dear old dad anyway.

I load everything onto the tray and head downstairs. I knock on the basement door. The girls giggle before I hear my sweet daughter’s voice ask “Who is it?”

“It’s your dad, Emma.”

“Go away, daddy! No boys allowed.”

“I promise I’m just dropping off cookies and milk for you ladies. I baked them myself. Don’t break my heart by refusing them.”

“Set them in front of the door and we’ll get them,” she replies.

“Alright, but you’re hurting my feelings,” I say.

“Your dad is pretty hot. Can’t we let him in, Emma? I’d give him a blowjob,” says Emma’s best friend Sara.

“You want my dad’s cock in your mouth?” Emma asks.

“Yeah, I bet it’s a big one!”

The girls laugh. I head back the upstairs with a big smile on my face. It turns out these girls have a bit of a slutty side to them. This will be fun.

I sit down on the couch and wait for them to finish off the milk and cookies. It won’t be long. I bought the special powder on the Internet. There were plenty of reviews that said it takes effect in just fifteen minutes or so. My cock is leaking precum as I imagine my daughter and her friends naked and open to any of daddy’s naughty suggestions.

I shove my hand down my pants and wrap my fingers around my cock. Just a few strokes and I feel like I might be too excited by all this. I can already feel an orgasm coming on. I stop and let the feeling pass. All of my cum has to be saved for these innocent little sluts tonight.

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