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Naughty And Nice

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Naughty And Nice

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Author’s Notes

This story was written as an adult fantasy and is for sale to ADULT AUDIENCE ONLY. It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers. Please story your files where they cannot be access by minors.

The characters and events portrayed in this story are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental and not intended by the author.

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It is okay to READ stories about unprotected sex with others outside a monogamous relationship. But it is not okay to HAVE unprotected sex with people other than a trusted partner. 2-million people around the world contract HIV every year. You only have one body per lifetime, so take good care of it!

Naughty And Nice

It was cold, snowy outside our alpine chalet in Switzerland on Christmas Eve. Teri hated the cold, but she gave this as Christmas present to me.

The low fire in the fireplace kept the entire upstairs bedroom nice and toasty. We are snuggled in the king-size bed with hundred percent Egyptian cotton sheets and warm sheepskin blanket. I am spooning behind Teri just as I have done ever since we were kids. I am tight against her, my body molded to the contour of her nakedness. I knew Teri felt my naked cunt against her sculptor ass. My arm draped across her chest; my hand cupped her tit with her hard nipple in the crook of my thumb and index finger. My face was nestled on the side of Teri’s neck, smelling the sweet fragrance of hair. I softly kiss her neck as I fell into blissful slumber.

My eyes suddenly sprang open when I heard sound of clutter dropping downstairs, braking me out of my dream.

“You hear that Teri? I think someone is downstairs.”

Teri nestled her head deeper in her pillow and mumble, “It just the wind or clumps of snow falling off the trees onto the roof. Go back to sleep!”

I close my eyes.

More sounds came from downstairs waking us both up this time. Teri quickly sat up in bed. “I think you right―I think there is someone downstairs.”

We got up and slowly crept down the stairs. The downstairs fireplace also keeping the room warm and giving the entire room a nice cozy glow. We peeked around the corner, sitting in Victorian plush green chair was stocky and solid man dressed in traditional red and white suit, his black and silver belt that was securely around his waist.

Standing next to the chair was a young brown-haired elf wearing a green and silver elf suit adorned with medals of accomplishment on in elfin duties over his heart. “Come in ladies.”

We walked into room with skepticism that Santa Claus was sitting in our house.

“Please ladies.” The little elf motioned for us to stand in front of them.

We stood before them naked. Even though it was nice warm in the room, our upturned nipples were hard while our cunts started to get moist with excitement knowing that we are standing before The SANTA CLAUS.

“My name is Bernard,” he bowed. “And this Saint Nichols.”

“Ladies” Santa’s baritone voice resonated through the house as he nodded to us.

“Well ladies, the reason we are here is because the world doesn’t know that Mrs. Claus passed away early this year.”

“We are sorry of your lost Santa.” We both said. Santa smiled at us, acknowledge our sympathy.

“So, we are to find a new Mrs. Claus. After my exhausting search for the last year, you ladies are the short list.” Bernard winked.

We stood there in disbelief that one of us could be next Mrs. Claus.

I asked, “Doesn’t he have to deliver gifts to all the good boys and girls around the world?”

Bernard told us that all the gifts been delivered, and this was the last stop. “So, I want you two go upstairs, get all dressed in something you think Santa would like and come back down”

We both giggled and ran upstairs to get pretty up for Santa Claus.

“Sue! Teri!” Bernard beckoned us to appear after forty-five minutes of getting ready.

We came walked down the stairs, our faces made up, hair done and dressed in the sexiest holiday themed attire we could find as we answered Bernard’s call.

However, Santa was not amused, judging by the quizzical look in his blue eyes that would cause disbelief in most men considering how we looked.

I wore a curve-hugging dress that looked closer to Santa’s attire but far sexier. I had black thigh pantyhose. It was red with a bit of white cotton lining the breast of the dress with a small black belt with silver buckle that was short enough to show off my ample cleavage and granted him a visible peek of my black thong.

However, Teri was not about to be outdone with my outfit. It was a red and white dress with cotton lining her tits, bottom, and straps of the dress and white lining the rest of the attire that was cut in an hourglass shape, appropriate considering her heaving bust and hips that were clothed with thigh high white lace stockings.

With us dressed like that and with the bodies that we had, how could Santa choose which would be his Mrs. Claus but this sight not exactly amused Santa

“Are these the girls on the short list Bernard?” Santa asked with a hint of sternness in his voice while he observed us in front of him from top to bottom in his green chair.

“That’s right sir. I’m letting you decide between these two ladies because I couldn’t decide on whether or not Mrs. Claus should be naughty...or nice,” Bernard said.

Moreover, once Bernard said that little sentence we did our best to persuade Santa without saying a word. I stood on Santa’s left, Teri stood on his right, and we both looked sexy as presented ourselves to Santa.

Bernard believed that the best way to lift Santa’s mood was with a sweet, sexy, slutty Mrs. Claus for him to love. Forget the traditional sweetness and helpfulness around Santa’s empire that the late Mary Claus provided, that would come in time the young elf man believed. Now Santa needed some good sex in his life with a beautiful woman that loved him.

I definitely looked like I was a naughty girl. I had a sultry smile while I swayed my hips in place, showing off my hourglass figure that effortlessly filled out the red & white outfit I had on while I sucked my index finger for a small moment as if it was a cock. I would be a fine fit to stand by his side or ride his cock.

Yet, Teri looked nice and innocent in that skimpy little dress. She smiled invitingly and coquettishly at the big man in the green chair looking hot as can be in that little red number. Teri seemed star struck with the presence of Santa and was eager to do whatever he wanted to make him happy.

Santa stroked his beard in thought. Maybe he should give this idea a chance since he was a single man after all even though he was a widower.

However, before he could even say a word, the pleasant Teri hastily sat on his lap to plead her case. “Oh, Santa please, please pick me. I promise I’ll be the best wife ever and I’ll swallow all of your cum,” she said with a cute smile on her face at the man she desired.

However, I was not going to be shown up for Santa’s love. I sat on his knee across from Teri, so I could persuade Santa directly. “No Santa pick me. I want to gag on your fucking cock and I want big loads in all of my holes every night.” I said sweetly, confident that I was the woman that Santa would choose. Santa’s blue eyes looked at Bernard; then at me, and then at Teri before he shoved us off his lap much to Bernard’s surprise.

“Bernard these girls can’t possibly replace Mrs. Claus. What were you thinking?” He asked his elf with noticeable anger and annoyance in his voice.

It seemed that sex was not enough to win over the bringer of gifts and Bernard had to think fast to get himself out of trouble with his boss. The head elf was not about to give up. Perhaps Santa did not see enough of them yet, he thought.

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