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Qesha was proud of her breasts. Justifiably so, if she did say so herself. They were full enough to have an attention seeking cleavage when she squeezed them into a low cut dress, like the one she wore now, and firm and pert enough that they barely sagged when she, or a lover, set them free. Both these attributes were going to be employed, and enjoyed, this evening.

The red sheath dress contrasted wonderfully with her dark skin, and didn't allow for anything but stockings under it. It flowed almost to her ankles, so there was little chance of flashing anyone, but the feeling of being exposed under it still excited her. Her heels clipped against the stone floor, and she wondered how highly polished it was. If she planted her feet far enough part, and looked straight down, would she get a reflected view all the way up to her naked sex?

A smile at the silliness of that thought helped her relax. The excitement she felt was matched by nervousness. This was a form of interview, after all. Or maybe audition would be more accurate, she would have to persuade them by showing off her abilities, after all. She wasn't completely sure who the people she had to impress were. All she knew was that her friend Xena had been a member for a while, that she had met her gorgeous boyfriend Henry, and several other men, through the group, and that she had recommended Qesha for membership.

Xena had hinted at the bacchanalian pleasures to be had as a member of The Gang, and the number of men, and women, she had enjoyed through it. She knew Qesha fantasised about that sort of thing, and had made her own clumsy forays into multiple partner fun already. Membership of The Gang took the slog out of finding others who felt the same way. There were no fees, but, to join, you had to be put forward by an existing member, and approved by at least four more. So, today, she was going to have sex with four, or more, people. Even if she failed the audition, she would have that pleasure to remember.

The building she was in housed an upmarket bar and very exclusive restaurant. Were they covers for The Gang? She didn't think so, but Xena had mentioned country houses and foreign villas, so it was fair to assume that some members were very well off. Perhaps one of them owned the bar or restaurant, or the building itself.

There hadn't been a doorman in the traditional sense. But an attractive young woman had taken Qesha's coat and given her a numbered wooden disk with a thin strap, so it could be worn like a bracelet if she wished. It hadn't cost her anything, patrons were obviously expected to spend more than enough to cover the cost whilst they were there.

Double doors opened onto the bar, which was decorated in dark wood and mellow light. Even with the limited illumination, the wall of spirit bottles behind the bar itself glittered with reflected sparkles. Qesha wouldn't know where to start if she had to order from such a selection. She stood in the middle of the marble floored atrium, wondering what she should do next. Her instructions had simply been to turn up, dressed as formally and sexily as she felt was appropriate. She didn't know whether she had to wait at the bar, or take a seat upstairs, at the restaurant.

Rescue came in the form of a familiar, tall, gorgeous blonde figure, who appeared from behind a pillar and strode toward Qesha. Xena held her hands out, and embraced Qesha in a warm hug. Almost a whole head taller, she had to bend over to do it. “You made it! Brilliant! Come with me, and I'll introduce you to the boys.”

Xena was long limbed, and moved with a grace learnt in her years as a dancer. It was as if she flowed, effortlessly, from place to place. Qesha always felt so clumsy walking behind her, imagining her own movement as a waddle. Xena dropped back, and took her hand as they rounded the pillar.

A few steps away was a booth, a horseshoe shaped bench around a table with drinks on it. There were five men sat around the table. “You know Henry, of course.” Xena said. Her boyfriend- just as tall, and almost as blonde- smiled and nodded a greeting. “And this is Derek, Andrew, Carl, and Roger.” They each gave a little wave as they were introduced. Years of working in retail meant that Qesha was confident she wasn't going to get them mixed up. Unless she became too excited later on.

“Hello. Erm....” Qesha had a vision of the whole interview falling apart as she floundered for things to say.

“It's okay, they don't bite. Well, not unless you ask. And never hard enough to leave a mark.” Xena leant over again, to kiss Qesha on the cheek. “Well, I have to leave now. I'll order you a drink as I go past the bar. Gin and tonic?”

Qesha looked at Xena, hoping the worry didn't show in her expression. Her friend was going to leave her here, with these five men? On the other hand, she thought, she was being left alone with five hot men, who knew she wanted to have lots of sex with them. She nodded confirmation of the drink order. “That's my girl.” Conspiratorially, but loud enough to be heard at the table, Xena added, “Remember, you're in charge. They may have thought up the rules to this fun game, but they'll stop playing if you say stop. And don't worry about that looking bad on your assessment. Knowing your limits is important.”

Still, Qesha could only manage a nod as response to Xena's encouragement. She licked her lips, which were suddenly dry with nerves, and managed to summon up some bravado. “Oh, I'll have them tamed soon enough.”

“That's the spirit. I'll take you out for coffee and cake tomorrow, and you can tell me all about it. You boys treat my girl right. As if I have to tell you to do that. Later, everyone.” With a last grin, Xena twirled and walked off to the bar.

Qesha turned to the men at the table. She hoped they couldn’t see that her smile was hiding her nervousness. Henry and Derek shuffled out so that she could get on the bench. She made her way in and along, until she sat at the far back of the booth, with three men on her right, and two on her left.

A waiter arrived with a tall glass of clear liquid. The ice cubes tinkled against the rim with little pings, and a wedge of lime decorated the drink. Henry took the glass and carefully passed it along to Qesha. It was as she took it that she realised what his presence meant. Xena had put her forward for this, and helped set it up, knowing it would mean her boyfriend got to have sex with another woman.

Of course, The Gang existed so that its members could have lots of sex with people who weren’t their partners. Qesha had known this coming in, but the realisation that her first encounter with them would involve a couple she knew made it feel so much more real. Her excitement notched up, and she couldn’t lift the glass in case the shivers running through her hands gave her away.

“So, now that I’m here, what is the plan? What do you boys have in store for me?” Qesha asked. She had wanted to start a conversation, but had blurted out this question, instead of some innocent small talk.

“Well, we don’t have a detailed plan. There’s no strange ritual everyone has to do to join, and we don’t want to make you nervous. So, we have a luxury apartment booked, just next door. We thought we could go there, and see what you wanted to do with us.” Henry said. The others around the table smiled and nodded agreement to the plan.

Five men and her, in a room together. She couldn’t wait. She bit her bottom lip, trying to keep her grin from becoming too wide. Her hands weren’t shaking so much any more, so she took the opportunity to lift the glass to her lips and drain almost all of it in one go.

At the door, Henry played gentleman, and helped Qesha into her coat. He was doing his bit to keep her happy and confident. In truth, she didn’t need that support any more, her nerves were all but gone, replaced by a warmth radiating out from her sex. The sooner she and all these men were naked, the better.

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