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My magical journey part 3

I charged the air with my light, then static energy surrounded me. Some wolves charged me, at least 40 of them. As they took their final leap I flung my static at them but would mere static electricity effect such powerful beasts. These beasts aren’t like the feather weight pack I faced in the museum. These are more building weight as werewolves go. I didn’t have much of a choice. I stunned them but if these ones had fallen more would soon follow.

The static stunned them, they got up all most instantaneously. I told them “if you want to live do not run. Well you’ll probably live, they’ll probably either infect you with werewolvesism or use you as chew toy”. While I was talking to the group Day just ran away. Only one wolf broke away to chase Day. The wolf chased him, persevered, caught him and is now carrying him in her mouth like a stick. He’ll get

wherewolfism for sure. I stated “now I’ll protect you so I can get five bucks bounty for each of you, you get to live, I get paid, any questions”. Jon yelled “what is that?” one of the abilities of the power of the know (the magic of knowledge) is the ability to form a physical construct out of the energy we draw from the knowledge that we gain from the written word. I formed a shield using this power. Then I calmly explained that we should leave any other questions until after we survive. They broke through my shield within seconds. By then I used some rotating power to create a dust storm. We rocked through Jon's door and out the back, down the next street. Jon grabbed an air rifle from his house. Trust me it’s not going to make a dent.

I knew exactly how to get us all out of there. So, I called a friend. Ok there is a weird super hero club that fights monsters in costumes but they could pull of a simple summoning. I called them, they answered “who needs saving”. I’m being attacked and I’m with some damsels and SUMON ME! They agreed that they would summon me and the teenagers to save us.

Not like I’m goanna give up my true name that easy summon Lix Sky Edge, Tyty Buck Redback, Day Roger Flame, Jon Dark Redbridge. Before I had finished they summoned the first two without the third. By then I had finished the circle and they said their true names over the phone which its helpful because I didn’t know all of their true names, thanks for the leverage over you. I didn’t think it was a possibility but they summoned themselves.

They seemed shocked of the power of these creatures and they wouldn’t stand a chance against these beasts but they were stubborn, very stubborn they wouldn't back down. I knew there was only one way out of this.

Jon was face to face with one wolf. He was obviously freaked out because we had thrown his entire beliefs system into question. He said “this is a dream”. I thought of the possibility of knocking him out putting him in bed and making him think it was a dream. I probably shouldn’t have said it aloud though. A big male charged at him he cried “hey, dog breath, ever heard the phrase BIGHT THE BULET”. As the wolf closed in he shot a bullet directly in his mouth. As I predicted it just made him want to tear him apart. Then he shoved the gun into the creatures throat. Now that did a lot.

I yelled what I knew was our only chance “hey, Alfa stop hiding like a wuss and battle us I challenge you. You hear me I challenge you”. A female voice sounded “that is most invigorating. State you’re terms”. I replied “upon my victory I gain access for each of us to ALL of your territory and inside pack info. Plus leave us alone”. She replied “if I win I will gain the right to infect the Vent with wherewolvism. I had considered the possibility of gaining wherewolvism and I came to the conclusion maybe I could do it when I turn 100.

Next thing I know I’m at the netball courts and awaiting Alfa combat with a super powerful werewolf. I remembered how tough the pack were. If they were goons what would the Alfa be like. The air felt like it was on fire with power, I braced myself. I had a big problem, I needed a chakra cleanse. I had used ALOT more power than I expected tonight. Think of me like a dish washer, Ya know how those stupid dish washer ads say that they can clean the hidden gunk out of your dish washer? Well I need one of those for my aura.

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