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Claire’s Cuckold Denial

A Hot Wife, Cuckolding, and FMM Erotic Novelette

Persephone Moore

Smashwords Edition

This is a work of fiction. All of the character, organizations, and events portrayed in this work are products of the author’s imagination. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead, is coincidental and not intended by the author.

Claire’s Cuckold Denial

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Contains adult material that might not be suitable for all audiences. This work is a fantasy, but in your own life be sure to follow safer sex practices. All characters depicted in this work of fiction are 18 years of age or older.

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“I’ve got something to show you,” Claire said as she pulled out her cell phone and tapped the screen several times.

Those words were never good for Terry…and at the same time, they made him hard.

He was silent as his wife handed him her phone. A video was already running on it. The lighting and framing were terrible, but he expected that. It was shot from a man’s point of view. The man was fucking a woman from behind. Terry was familiar with the woman’s ass; it was his wife’s. He was less familiar with the man and the cock that was disappearing and reappearing inside the woman, but he still knew it was Brad, Claire’s boyfriend.

He’d seen similar videos before. He’d seen Brad fuck his wife a variety of ways. He’d seen her sucking Brad’s cock. It still excited him, though he hated to admit it. After a few seconds of Terry viewing the video and feeling his cock get incredibly hard because once again his wife had fucked her boyfriend without telling him, he realized something. “Why is he wearing a condom?”

The thin piece of latex was barely visible, but it was there. The primary agreement of their marriage was that Claire could fuck whoever she wanted whenever she wanted and Terry couldn’t object, but she had to report every indiscretion, every lover to Terry. It was a twisted relationship, but it was the way Terry wanted it. He had confessed his need to have his then-girlfriend, and now wife, sleep with other men. Claire was reluctant at first, but once she realized the benefits of the arrangement, she was fully on board. Brad was the one lover that Claire was allowed to fuck without a condom. Brad had always taken advantage of that and seeing the other man’s cock covered in latex confused Terry.

Claire smiled and took Terry’s face between her hands to kiss him before letting him turn back to the screen once again. He had been lying in bed waiting for her to return home. He was wearing only pajama pants while she had stripped down to her plain white camisole and white cotton panties. As Terry watched a bit more of the sex video he realized the angle of Brad fucking Claire was slightly off. “Because he’s fucking me in the ass,” Claire whispered in his ear.

Almost instantly Terry got harder—as if that were possible—as his heart pounded with jealousy. And lust. He had never been afforded the opportunity to fuck his wife’s ass. True, he had never asked because he wasn’t really allowed to voice his sexual desires, other than his need for her to fuck other men, but he would have liked to have been offered the chance. And now Brad had taken her anal virginity. The sounds Claire was making on the video weren’t her usual moans of passion while she was getting fucked. They were a combination of pain and excitement.

“Did you…did you like it?” was all Terry could think to ask.

Claire kept her smile even. “It was okay. You can’t really tell in the video, but I played with my clit while he fucked me. I came, but I don’t think it was from his cock.”

“Oh.” Terry didn’t know what to say, partly because all the blood in his body was rushing to his cock, partly because he was humiliated.

He liked to be humiliated.

“I’m going to do it again, though,” she told him.

His cock stiffened another degree; his erection was becoming painful.

“You are?”

She nodded. “Uh-huh. Terry said he likes anal, so we’re going to keep doing it. From what I’ve read, it takes a few times to really get the hang of it, and I can’t deny my boyfriend what he wants, can I?” Claire kissed Terry’s cheek; he didn’t tear his eyes away from the screen. The pace of the two lovers was faster now and Brad was starting to make noise. Terry had viewed videos like this of his wife being fucked by Brad before. The other man was going to cum soon.

“No,” Terry agreed.

“Do you like to see your wife fucked in the ass?” she asked. Terry barely felt it, but her hand had wandered down to his pajama pants. She pulled back the elastic waistband and exposed his hard cock. It was pulsing in time with his heartbeat. Pushing his pants down as much as possible, Claire freed his cock and gently ran one finger along the thick vein of the underside.

Terry moaned but continued to clutch the cell phone between his hands. “Yes,” he rasped in reply to her question.

“Good,” she whispered in his ear as she started to lightly stroke his cock. It wouldn’t take much. He was already on the verge. “Brad says he’s going to keep fucking my ass because I’m a slut and that’s what I deserve. Do you agree with him?”

“Yes,” Terry moaned. He would have agreed to sign away his soul at that moment.

“One more thing, honey,” said Claire. She glanced at the screen and saw the end coming. She started pumping Terry’s cock with her hand.


“I had to promise him that you’ll never get to fuck my ass.” Her hand suddenly went from gentle to rough and fast.

Terry squeezed his eyes shut and squirmed in pain. The last thing he saw on the screen was Brad burying his cock all the way inside Claire and then he heard the familiar grunts of Claire’s lover as he ejaculated inside her.

That was fine. Claire’s hand made Terry ejaculate all over his stomach and chest, leaving him with a mess of hot, sticky white cum that started to rapidly cool. She pulled her hand away and the few drops of his cum that had landed on her fingers she wiped on his chest. Even when he was done ejaculating Terry’s cock uselessly throbbed in the air, rising like an unnatural spike up from his body.

“Go clean up,” she ordered him. “That’s all the sex you get tonight. I had Brad fuck my ass and then had to come home to you and jerk you off. I’m exhausted.”

As Terry got up from the bed and staggered awkwardly toward the bathroom, she slipped between the sheets and pulled the comforter up to her chin, feeling very proud of herself and very satisfied with the situation.



Terry woke up with Claire’s mouth on his cock. He was already erect—morningwood—and when she realized he was awake, she looked up at him and locked eyes, grinning around his manhood. It wasn’t often that she woke him up like this, but when it happened, it was always pleasant.

Claire insisted that Terry sleep naked because she liked his warm body next to hers, but she was the one who decided if she wore anything to bed. Currently she was wearing one of Terry’s old t-shirts that was easily three or four sizes too large for her which made her choice all that much more exciting for him.

“Want to cum in my mouth?” she asked him, pausing briefly in her blowjob to stretch her neck and rub him with her hand. He had a handsome cock, it was neither too big nor too small, but just right. It was the Goldilocks of cocks. When they had first started dating Claire hadn’t thought much of Terry’s cock, it got the job done but without much fuss or show. Now, after having had a wide variety of men’s sex organs in her mouth and pussy, she realized it was nearly perfect, not so large that it hurt and not so small that she couldn’t feel it. She was happy with her husband’s cock, slightly curved when erect, growing proudly out of a nest of light brown hair, but she was still eager to try variety in her sex life.

“I’d rather cum in your pussy,” he answered. He wanted to pull his t-shirt off Claire and fuck her hard and fast, but that wasn’t allowed. Only she was allowed to remove her clothes unless she gave him express permission. Maybe she’d fuck him and maybe she wouldn’t. It was always her choice.

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