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Another Movie School in China

Jane Bauer

Copyright© Jame Bauer 2018

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First edition published, June 2018.

Table of Contents


  1. Jumped in

  2. The thing came out from the hole

  3. The woman

  4. Theft prevention

  5. Marriage right(s)?

  6. Normal

  7. What is normal?

  8. Normal missing

  9. Kissing

  10. Letter (after Kissing)

  11. Richard

  12. War

  13. Line

  14. Times

  15. No time

  16. Rude

  17. Wow!

  18. Woman’s safety zone is

  19. No ticket!

  20. Bye-bye!


  1. The Easter Egg

  2. The kids matter


This book is the second edition of the Korean Movie School in China which was published in 2017. Since the previous school was shut down by the mysterious death of one of the instructor and some fishy claims had done to the police chief and complaints on stripping off issues by the audiences. Thus, they build a new school based on the borrowed information of the high school from china as movie educated degree. That is easily recognizable as prostitute from now on. And that is for the foreign pornography field. The lawyers would accept the term as the movie education as the fame on the barely naked and stripped off country boys at the legal age time training starting in high school level. China has no strict division of schooling once they are secondary school gradated.You pass! That is how it is for the high school. The education degree matters only for the philosophy. What you have learned is what you wanted to study as the fulfillment. And what you learned is what you would probably teach for the movie schools for actors. Once they have the degree, you are done! It is like how to catch a fish to fry the fish on the gas oven. There is no need of responsibility as the Chinese government to govern. Only the teachers are responsible not to touch the butts of the girls for the self-sex object making like sexy dolls from China to show off for the availability of jobs. That was taught by the sophisticated instructors from the movie industries. Thus, there is no need of worrying about the schooling. Teachers are professional, thus the school name is achieved.

What is the difference between the first novel and this second volume is that the students’ attitude is slight rude and more pervert in this one. Teachers teach what is going on to the nakedness once a real actor stripped off naked for the movie scene. Of course, the actors go naked and show off the thing swinging around in the groin. What is the matter? The women were asked. “He is naked..” “She is naked..” “I saw the tender spot.” It was forbidden on the movie scenes on the TV or at the theaters. But for the movies, they go wild. The movie producers ask the actors to climb up to the pole naked for a fun and to see the groin distance from the lower angle. That is a forbidden no-no of the pervert scene peepers. It was more like the groin to be seen in the distance of 10cm from one’s eyes. “The real nakedness is... !!!” The teacher stripped off for the lecture at the backstage. He was only wearing a white garment on top. So, he just threw it off in front of 13 students. 13 is the devil’s number. Let’s do it wild. And he did so. The others encouraged the instructor to see or show off his groin better.It was more of the pervert theory of how to swing it around. The libido scene is not really the matter in this lecture. But it was more about teaching of the male beauty like the male statues. It is beautiful for the nakedness without shiny armor or clothes on.

The man taught. “What is swinging around matters.” “It was for the flirtation. But more often it has the painful part. The girls get more attention to it. It helps to make the actors to feel agitated. Yes, agitated. We practiced so much time for remembering the phrases and the action images. But once it stripped off, everything is gone. You certainly feel blank. This nakedness schooling helps to teach everyone to be prepared to act properly even you are naked. And moreover, the swinging part is the bad habit maker. The girls love seeing it. So, let them see through!” The boys cried. There were only 4 girls among 12 students. 13th was the champion,a boxer. He was half Mexican. The man also agitated. Once we are in the ring... He was so scared of the publicity of his own maleness in the box. The two men in the front flew. The instructor might bite them. And they were asked to leave once they were hated by the teachers. But others were so obedient on the show. First was the penalty for women who were so excited seeing the instructor’s breast area and even pointing the erected penis. There was a problem with him. The shy girl laughed with others. Thus, the girl was asked to strip off her skirt first. Everyone watched her. She was crying while she sat on the floor with her legs closed. Everyone saw her haired public area from the standing position. The girl was only asked to sit down for 3 minutes and they were allowed to wear clothes again. And the second was the smallest young kids. The male boys were eager to protest not to see much on their penny side. It was an insult to the teachers. “Nothing. You own one also.” The teacher had a mistake of holding up a small 4 years old boy while he was erected. “Ah, I see. I’m sorry. I’m a sexual pervert.” The man corrected and pulled down the small boy from his shoulder once he stripped him off. So, he taught the double meaning to the kids. He is a pervert word knowing people who could be a pervert himself. Also, he knew his penis was excited while he carried a small boy. Warning, warning! But the girls thought it was fine after all. The man was seeing the naked young girls’ genital area once just before the small boys’ session. The boys were also excited from the year 8 or more. The problem was the 13 years old boy. “I... I’m old. What should I do?” The man was asked to be at the stage spot behind in the backstage. He was asked to strip off while facing the wall not the audience. He took off clothes well. He was a well behaved student. “I saw it already,” one boy or a girl shouted to him from the side when he was taking off all clothes. He showed a visible uncomfortable face. “You see it? Now, done.” The face was telling. The lecturer was encouraging him to be on the stage for the show off. The boy stood with one hand on his groin for hiding the spot. “Now, remove the hand.” The lecturer suggested. He slowly removed his hand and led the audience to see him totally naked. No one said anything but he stated, “oh, I’m lost.” It was the comment he showed his heart’s nakedness. It was impressive for the instructors as it meant that he was hurt. He was lost on the audience show off. If it was a pornography movie, he could be stripping off his male penis more for the pervert story telling to the raping of some toys and gals. The boy was more of the mom’s boy. He lost because he was able to comment it out. The teacher later corrected. Other man who was of 18 years old had a criminal record showed off his 20cm long dick. He was quiet but a wanted criminal image figure. He showed up with his dark eyes on no one and he had the erected penis ready for the show. “Wow, great.” One boy said so while feeling maturity about his own size value. The worst one was the funky ballerina. He was just wearing the tutu from the female student’s uniform and he rotated around with his penis up. He said that he always wanted to do that. His size is around 13 to 16cm, not so long. But the teachers commented that was a pervert. He had the sexual intention to insult the women with his penis without a cover in the ballet uniform. It also violated the ballet term. No one would wear tutu in that way!

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