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Anthony Perna

The Criminal Career of a

Buffalo, New York Hoodlum

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Brothers Anthony Perna (April 11, 1903-March 1968) and Michael Perna (1907-1975) of Buffalo, New York were charged with criminal assault. In 1927 Michael, of 25 Maiden Lane, was arrested for attacking a fourteen-year-old girl.

Indicted later, he was released on $10,000 bail. No disposition was made on the charge and Michael’s name didn’t appear on police blotters again until 1931. On this occasion he was arrested for bigamy.

On Friday, December 9, 1932 Buffalo District Attorney Walter C. Newcomb (1887-1962), of 65 Dorchester Road, started an inquiry into why odd jobs laborer Michael Perna wasn’t tried on the 1927 assault charge. On May 29, 1932 Perna had pleaded guilty to a bigamy charge. He was sentenced to a term of two to five years in Auburn State Prison.

Thirteen days later Erie County Judge George H. Rowe suspended the sentence. He did so after a plea that both legal wife (Grace Digacamo Perna) and alleged bigamous wife needed support. In December 1932 it remained a distinct possibility that Perna’s suspended sentence might be revoked. This meant that an active prison sentence might soon follow. Figure 1 Anthony Perna

In December 1932 grocer/fruit dealer Anthony Perna, of 246 Massachusetts Avenue, was out on bail awaiting a new trial. Following a criminal assault conviction, he had waited five years for an active prison sentence to begin.

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