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Higher Learning by Clare Kauter Higher Learning by Dec. 04, 2016 $2.99 68637 words Sample 10%
Charlie Davies is about to face her worst nightmare: she’s going back to high school. Following the death of a local schoolgirl, Charlie must go undercover to find out who is dealing drugs to students. Not only does this mean heading back to class, but she must also get to know the girl’s friends - who happen to be cheerleaders. Time to break out the pom-poms.
Purgatory: Ghoul Part Two by Lon Varnadore Purgatory: Ghoul Part Two by Dec. 04, 2016 $1.99 3921 words Sample 15%
After being exposed to the truth about ghouls and the Order, Cameron finds himself in a fugue state. He wakes up in history class without really knowing how he got there. He is starting to realize how dark and how dangerous things are when someone dies near him and he is the cause.
PRE DOT BLUE MOON by Don Langdon PRE DOT BLUE MOON by Dec. 04, 2016 $2.99 119382 words Sample 20%
Have a politically incorrect stomp on an alien world. The voluntary (OK, ‘Shanghaied’) Skuide force nearly arrive but opt to do a straw poll. Those results give rise to Dukiesland, their pre arrival colony. They are not human but are they just and incorruptible. How do three people disappear from Dock’s hospital? Why is this glade protected? Who is shooting at who and why? Patriotism or drugs…
Matched Online (four contemporary romances) by Lacy Williams Matched Online (four contemporary romances) by Dec. 04, 2016 $7.99 89836 words Sample 5%
In this four-book anthology, join four friends on a journey to find the perfect guy—online. With their ten-year high school reunion on the horizon, four girlfriends make a pact to find reunion dates through online dating. But nothing is simple when they are Matched Online…
Death, Diamonds, And Dirty Socks: 3 Book Set - Volume II by T.L. Tabor Death, Diamonds, And Dirty Socks: 3 Book Set - Volume II by Dec. 04, 2016 $6.99 129676 words Sample 10%
With the Kentwood Estate encoded books now safely housed at an all-girls high school, Jarod and Tommy head off on a new summer assignment. Armed with two lines of code from his master book, they head to the school to try their hand at decoding. But once inside the high-security walls, they discover there are even more secrets inside the library than just Jarod’s collection of magical books.
Pure of Heart by Auria Jourdain Pure of Heart by Dec. 04, 2016 $2.99 110825 words Sample 20%
Seeking her roots after her adoptive father, a French bourgeoisie, dies at the Bastille, Contesse Blanchefort embarks on a quest across England with a pagan woman and a rogue Gypsy. When she falls ill in London, physician's apprentice Eric McEwan saves her and ignites her young heart. Love is strong, but fate interferes: can Contesse and Eric vanquish their horrific pasts to reunite once more?
Prayers To Pursue Powerful Change In Your Life by LaTania Michelle Prayers To Pursue Powerful Change In Your Life by Dec. 04, 2016 $0.99 6376 words Sample 20%
Quick and easy to read, yet powerful and effective the prayers in this book is what you are looking for if you want to revitalize your prayer life and gain a fresh, new perspective on God’s power in prayer. Each prayer also has scripture verses to reflect on throughout the day. Meditation on these scriptures will bring you greater peace and confidence in God's ability to work in your life.
A Short Story Collection by Erin Giove A Short Story Collection by Dec. 04, 2016 Free! 3539 words Read a sample
A collection of five short stories by Erin Giove.
The Ten Facts of Life by Eric Reese The Ten Facts of Life by Dec. 04, 2016 $1.99 34 words Sample 20%
The journey of life is a moving cycle that revolves around ten facts in order to achieve success, recognition and merit throughout its duration. Learn the ten facts of life and raise yourself beyond the common man.
Mist B Haven by Martha Steinhagen Mist B Haven by Dec. 04, 2016 $2.99 70714 words Sample 15%
Mist B Haven isn't just the name of her boat. A young woman sets out to create a new life abroad a broken down boat only to discover the boat has secrets that will change her forever.
The Curse of The Cruciatus and some Other Stories by Shelby Hill by Shelby11041 The Curse of The Cruciatus and some Other Stories by Shelby Hill by Dec. 04, 2016 Free! 3574 words Read a sample
Banished by humans, Drella an evil witch who has been cursed and thrown into the hollowed out timbers of The Cruciatus has been plotting her revenge on the humans and her hostile takeover of Earth, given the chance she escapes from hell.
Betrayal by Satomi Stinheart Betrayal by Dec. 04, 2016 Free! 11037 words Read a sample
My first story, I hope you enjoy it.
Zodiac Reaper (Book II of the Oracle Winchester Series) by Shanna B. Talley Zodiac Reaper (Book II of the Oracle Winchester Series) by Dec. 04, 2016 $0.99 93257 words Sample 20%
The city of New Orleans and Oracle Winchester have just barely recovered from the killing spree perpetrated by The Marquis when another killer, who had been operating under the radar, makes himself known in the most disturbing of ways and he has his sights set on Oracle Winchester. Drake will do whatever it takes to protect her but can he really with all of the secrets she has yet to reveal?
Hungry for Horse Cock by Jade Summers Hungry for Horse Cock by Dec. 04, 2016 $2.99 2207 words Sample 10%
After a deeply sexual dream about her horse, Steve, Felicia realizes that what she really wants is his big, eighteen-inch cock inside her. She returns from a long ride ready to take everything he has to give, and she takes it all.
Sex-Ed Daughter by Lisa Smiles Sex-Ed Daughter by Dec. 04, 2016 $2.99 10190 words Sample 15%
Schneider Schools have an unorthodox approach to sex education that 58yo teacher Gary is about to learn a lot more about. He's been asked to take one year out to travel the country as a sex ed instructor, with his 18yo daughter as his assistant. But even though he'll be drowning in school girl pussy galore and his daughter's cream pies it's his daughter's romantic love that he will be craving.
The Bay of Shadows by Samantha Wood The Bay of Shadows by Dec. 04, 2016 $9.95 72551 words Sample 15%
In a rambling house in a small Australian beach town, Elena Jameson is recovering from her recent divorce. To her delight, she is given the opportunity to foster a little boy, Daniel, whose mother is dead and whose violent father is in rehab. As Elena and Daniel explore the beautiful bay and wild bushland, they form a profound bond that will change their lives forever.
Public Submission 1 - 3 by Daisy Rose Public Submission 1 - 3 by Dec. 04, 2016 $4.99 27953 words Sample 10%
Three women looking for love in all the wrong places find pleasures in all the right places. In the first three Public Submission bundle, you will find Public Submissions 1 - 3. There three steamy short stories feature alpha males taking embarrassed young women in broad daylight.
Reporting Bonnie 2: Bonnie and the Secret Club by G.O. Nelson Reporting Bonnie 2: Bonnie and the Secret Club by Dec. 04, 2016 Free! 3512 words Read a sample
When Bonnie Jedson became world famous for her porn videos and bestiality, the media decided to chronicle her rise. This is the (ficitonal) account of her earliest years as the gatekeeper at a secret club. No action from the star, you don't get into the club. Her earliest fan retells part of the story.
Dark Skies by Eve Star Dark Skies by Dec. 04, 2016 $5.00 122743 words
A psychic channeler shares her experiences of her alien soul abduction and her experiences with the grey aliens and the reptilians and other alien species that exist. It is about time for humanity to know that we are not alone on Earth; and also in the Universe. The world is not what we think it is, we are living in a three dimensional hologram.
Choose the Sky by Elizabeth Cole Choose the Sky by Dec. 04, 2016 $4.99 94474 words Sample 20%
Betray not the heart
Butterflies of a Brief Summer: Mémoires – Les Souvenirs sont faits de tels Moments by Trish Ludgate Butterflies of a Brief Summer: Mémoires – Les Souvenirs sont faits de tels Moments by Dec. 04, 2016 $4.99 84842 words Sample 20%
Is a life to be measured by decades lived, or by formative moments shared? On reflection, do we hold dearest the ephemeral nature of experiences, each perfect in its own time and place? The writer shares the stories that shaped her own personal journey. A light-hearted autobiography set in places as diverse as Australia, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Tanzania, Iraq and Poland.
Beyond The Iron Gate (The Faery Meadow Book 1) by soph342 Beyond The Iron Gate (The Faery Meadow Book 1) by Dec. 04, 2016 Free! 83766 words Read a sample
Elaine is a lonely girl who will discover something extraordinary. She hears voices in her head, surely they are just her imagination, at least that's what her parents say. And could one night under the stars do her any harm? Book 1 in the series.
Fair by Francis Rosenfeld Fair by Dec. 04, 2016 $1.99 49292 words Sample 20%
It is never easy growing up different, but when no one has looked like you in seven generations, social life can become quite difficult to manage. No enlightened elder would give heed to ridiculous superstitions such as “the blond curse” or “the fair maiden of the apocalypse”, nor will they believe that one glance from your clear green eyes can render cows barren, but… There’s always a but.
Mercy, Me by Donna Hawk Mercy, Me by Dec. 04, 2016 $2.99 108056 words Sample 10%
I am Mercy. After The Consummation left the world ravaged by nuclear waste, the entire race of humans have gathered in an area known as Fiddler's Green. I am hideous to look at; society has branded me a freak, but there is a boy who thinks I'm beautiful. The world is not always as it seems. What I've learned to expect, however, is shocking. We are outcasts, but we will change the world.
Bad Boy in Paris For a Sexy Christmas by Susan Arden Bad Boy in Paris For a Sexy Christmas by Dec. 04, 2016 Free! 44053 words Read a sample
Brett Gold is a bad boy on and off the field.Think ripped in steel, panty-melting, and the type of man who doesn't let 4,000 miles get in his way! This NFL baller is about to break some records this holiday season. Come Christmas, it's going to get hot-hot-hot in Paris. When he hooks up with a Texas cutie for the lesson of lifetime and lots of laughs, what happens in Paris doesn't stay there!
El Lobo de Natt by Alvin Bemar El Lobo de Natt by Dec. 04, 2016 Free! 3589 words Read a sample
Una villa norteña del Reino Azul, junto a las montañas de la Coordillera de Plata, sufre el azote de un predador de ovejas, principal sustento de la comunidad. Un par de pastorcitos se aventura en la cacería del animal que amenaza su forma de vida.
Fiesta Para Dos by Seth Daniels Fiesta Para Dos by Dec. 04, 2016 $2.99 5429 words Sample 20%
Eve tiene amigos alrededor, pero ellos desconocen el hecho de que en la otra habitación, Eve tiene a su amiga mutual Holly atada a la cama. Eve deambula adentro y afuera del cuarto para asegurarse de mantener a Holly al límite. Cuando todos los otros huéspedes apenas se van. Eve no pierde tiempo en satisfacer el resto de su fantasía.
Forever Grace by Holly Hall Forever Grace by Dec. 04, 2016 $0.99 96784 words Sample 15%
Blake has all but sworn off relationships. That is, until she meets the enigmatic owner of a charitable bookstore. Landon is callous and abrupt, and just as reluctant to share anything about his past as Blake is, and Blake finds herself enraptured. The more Landon reveals about his past, the more alike they prove to be. And sometimes, the things that connect two people can also tear them apart,
Alice Henderson On Debut by S R Silcox Alice Henderson On Debut by Dec. 04, 2016 $0.99 42158 words Sample 20%
In Alice Henderson -– On Debut, one young athlete must decide between ambition and loyalty and learn the important role character plays on the pitch. Will Alice swing for the boundary and realise her dreams, or will she take aim for something much bigger than fame?
Comedy: An Essay by Edward E. Rochon Comedy: An Essay by Dec. 04, 2016 You set the price! 4017 words Sample 80%
What makes comedy? 3 theories noted, a 4th added. The escape valve (relief) theory is behind all 3 theories leading to the 4th theory: heart healthy humor for good humor equilibrium. Three rules for comedy laid out as well.
The Emerald Triangle by Layla Wolfe The Emerald Triangle by Dec. 04, 2016 $2.99 55217 words Sample 15%
There is a magic about the forbidden that makes it utterly desirable. Father Truman Burgess: I broke my rules for her. Brought together again after ten years when a suspicious death has gossiping tongues wagging all across town, I don't want to believe what they're saying about Simone Wharton. Simone: Truman has matured into a fine, mysterious, devoted man. He broke his rules for me.
Catherine and Josephine by Denise Barone Catherine and Josephine by Dec. 04, 2016 $4.99 83351 words Sample 20%
Women of today have their choice in careers and can shatter the glass ceiling . . . well, sure, you believe that, don't you? But the women of this mythical, medieval world, are trapped in a time and a place where men rule and make the decisions concerning their lives, their bodies, and their minds.
Daddy, I'm A Bad Girl (Taboo Incest Erotica) (Daddy Daughter Sex Family Incest Virgin Breeding) by Taboo Treats Daddy, I'm A Bad Girl (Taboo Incest Erotica) (Daddy Daughter Sex Family Incest Virgin Breeding) by Dec. 04, 2016 $2.99 3181 words Sample 20%
When my mother passed away, I had a decision to make. I could either go stay with family or stay in the house that I grew up in with my daddy. I couldn't leave him. Not with him being as sad as he was. We needed each other more than we knew. As I got older and became a woman, daddy started to notice me a lot more. I had developed nicely and could barely walk into a room without noticing that...
Honor & Roses by Elizabeth Cole Honor & Roses by Dec. 04, 2016 $4.99 94993 words Sample 20%
Forbidden flames burn brightest…
Silence in Ramah by Christa Miller Silence in Ramah by Dec. 04, 2016 Free! 1693 words Read a sample
"I am old but my debt remains unpaid," says the narrator of this story, an elderly former agent of the communist Polish government gone by. In the face of a threat he perceives against innocents in the mall where he works, has the old man missed his last chance to atone for his past sins?
Winning Without Fighting: Military / NGO Interaction Development - Humanitarian Operations, Civil-Military Coordination, Case Studies Indonesia, Haiti, and West Africa, State Department Interaction by Progressive Management Winning Without Fighting: Military / NGO Interaction Development - Humanitarian Operations, Civil-Military Coordination, Case Studies Indonesia, Haiti, and West Africa, State Department Interaction by Dec. 04, 2016 $7.99 29905 words Sample 3%
The evolving nature of conflict will require the U.S. military to conduct humanitarian operations more frequently and on a larger scale than ever before. Humanitarian operations require extensive civil-military interaction, and this study suggests that the U.S. military is not currently postured and prepared to handle the increasing humanitarian requirement.
Beneath Sleepless Stars by Elizabeth Cole Beneath Sleepless Stars by Dec. 04, 2016 $4.99 94898 words Sample 20%
A lady haunted by nightmares, a duke chased by death, and an answer hidden in the night sky...
The Lady Dauntless by Elizabeth Cole The Lady Dauntless by Dec. 04, 2016 $4.99 93686 words Sample 20%
A fiery lady, a devilish smuggler, and a cargo nations would kill for…
Revelation by Kevin Semeniuk Revelation by Dec. 04, 2016 Free! 2434 words Read a sample
Keeping with his passion for translating images and stories from around the world, this collection of poetry holds true to Kevin's style. From the title poem 'Revelation', to '1200 Daughters' and 'Soul Music', each piece delivers something special and unique to its reader.
A Shameless Angel by Elizabeth Cole A Shameless Angel by Dec. 04, 2016 $4.99 89593 words Sample 20%
A courageous codebreaker, a gentleman with a score to settle, and a past that refuses to stay hidden…
The Resting Place: Line upon Line: Vol. 9 by Dallas James The Resting Place: Line upon Line: Vol. 9 by Dec. 04, 2016 Free! 8659 words Read a sample
Come to a place of rest without the thoughts of men interacting with the Words of YHWH. Experience the power of precept upon precept, line upon line.
A Reckless Soul by Elizabeth Cole A Reckless Soul by Dec. 04, 2016 $4.99 96105 words Sample 20%
A seductive agent, a disillusioned lord, and a web of deceit only they can untangle…
The Secret Adventures of Mrs.Christmas Tree by Docia Zefirek The Secret Adventures of Mrs.Christmas Tree by Dec. 04, 2016 $4.99 368 words Sample 15%
The new series talks about the adventures of Mrs.Christmas Tree, that not only beautifies our houses but also has a lot of going on... Let's find out what happened this year...
Black Pepper Visions: Original Food Stories You Can Eat (Revised) by Karen Pierce Gonzalez Black Pepper Visions: Original Food Stories You Can Eat (Revised) by Dec. 04, 2016 $4.99 34456 words Sample 20%
Black pepper swirls that absorb anger, tortillas that mend broken-hearts, and sun-dried cookies that encircle a cheating spouse (again) are only three of 16 fast-paced stories in Black Pepper Visions: Original Folk Stories You Can Eat (Revised). This book by Karen Pierce Gonzalez, captures the magic of food through a range of original folktales food lore and personalized recipes.
A Hunter's Folly by Penny Prescott A Hunter's Folly by Dec. 04, 2016 $0.99 4148 words Sample 20%
Marc Hunter gets hired to kill a man-wolf that slaughtered a local village family and meets Jacob Wellsson in the dangerous woods on his way to care for his ill grandmother. Fantasy retelling of Red Riding Hood.
Wormhole Moon - An Alien Civilization's Alliance With Earth by John Williams Wormhole Moon - An Alien Civilization's Alliance With Earth by Dec. 04, 2016 $2.99 109303 words Sample 20%
Two astronauts discover an alien civilization and their relationship is vital to developing an alliance with Earth. As a result, they share a key victory over an evil enemy of both worlds.
Rockefeller & Rothschild Dirty Money on the London Stock Exchange by Richard Lighthouse Rockefeller & Rothschild Dirty Money on the London Stock Exchange by Dec. 04, 2016 Free! 2868 words Read a sample
Lloyd's Banking Group is probably the largest corporation in the world, with a global market capitalization exceeding $2.4 Quadrillion USD, according to Yahoo Finance. This company was formed in 1995, but based on its financials, it appears to be hiding trillions of dollars in assets. The market cap of stocks listed on the London Stock Exchange as LLD2, LLD5, LLD6, and LLD7 is very large.
Het huis aan het water: een MacFarland BDSM Fantasie by Caralyn Knight Het huis aan het water: een MacFarland BDSM Fantasie by Dec. 04, 2016 $2.99 5314 words Sample 20%
Op het eerste gezicht lijkt techneut en gouden jongen Aiden MacFarland alles voor elkaar te hebben. Het enige probleem is dat hij het eigenlijk allemaal niet wil. Hij wilde nooit een beroemde aandeelhouder in een biljoenen bedrijf worden. Hij creërde een app voor een vriend van de familie en werd gevangen door het enorme succes. Door zijn slapeloosheid besluit hij er tussen uit te gaan.
What you like by Volker Schunck What you like by Dec. 04, 2016 Free! 2172 words Read a sample
Maybe I am blogging since 15 years. In this book you can find the poems which got “Likes”. I hope you enjoy my selection as the readers of my blog do.
Secrets of a Celebrity Sex Club - Meet Rachel - Bonus Edition by Dakota Fox Secrets of a Celebrity Sex Club - Meet Rachel - Bonus Edition by Dec. 04, 2016 $0.99 15536 words Sample 5%
Episode One takes you inside this exclusive world of extravagant money, power and the erotic life of a celebrity sex club. Rachel and her very special group of close friends are the high-class main event. In their luxurious and limitless lifestyles of fame and money, they strive to maintain their position as an elite group of high-powered and very sexual socialites.