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They Sat Outside Eating Cake by Adam Hughes They Sat Outside Eating Cake by May 03, 2016 Free! 1262 words Read a sample
Settling a dispute in any group setting can be darn near impossible ... unless you have an objective measure for resolution that everyone can agree on. For the Dames of Dwale, a local ladies group that might well have stepped out of YOUR town, peace was elusive until they figured out how to use their husbands' survival instincts as the ultimate arbiter. What will the next Reconciliation bring?
Tameka by Agnes Musa Tameka by May 03, 2016 $0.99 43938 words Sample 25%
Tameka accepts life as she finds it - school, chores, growing sorrows, pains and fears, love, rejection, friendship, dreams and achievements. To her, life is as.
Jaguar (Guessing Tales #1) by Kate Krake Jaguar (Guessing Tales #1) by May 03, 2016 Free! 23422 words Read a sample
How do you embrace a side of yourself that you know nothing about? What does it mean to be human when your animal self is so much a part of who you are?
Mad for Love by Elizabeth Essex Mad for Love by May 03, 2016 Free! 52377 words Sample 20%
Rory Cathcart’s appreciation of the exquisite makes him the perfect man to expose forgeries and root out fraud in London’s tempestuous art world. But when his latest investigation into forged paintings puts him squarely in Mignon du Blois’ shaky sights, it's going to take pretending to be a thief and stealing back her father's forgery to win her heart. Love is the most priceless treasure of all.
A Daily Devotional:  the Psalms series, Week Thirty-Three by Stephanie Jeanette Bradley A Daily Devotional: the Psalms series, Week Thirty-Three by May 03, 2016 $1.00 2886 words Sample 16%
Oh magnify The LORD with me; may His Praise continually be in our hearts and on our lips.
Mad About the Marquess by Elizabeth Essex Mad About the Marquess by May 03, 2016 $3.99 115866 words Sample 20%
Lady Quince Winthrop has robbed society's rich and giving to Edinburgh's poor for years. But everything changes the day she can't resist the temptation to steal from the Marquess of Cairn. Alasdair, Marquess of Cairn, has come back to Scotland to stop a thief, never thinking that the lass he's trying to woo is about to give a lesson in larceny. Love is even harder to resist than temptation.
The Fall Of A Rising Star by corey turner The Fall Of A Rising Star by May 03, 2016 $2.99 12659 words Sample 20%
an entertainers career cut short by doing the wrong things.
Cristian by jairoapjr Cristian by May 03, 2016 Free! 31517 words Read a sample
Jack (Boys of Porn - Vol. 1) by A.M. Snead Jack (Boys of Porn - Vol. 1) by May 03, 2016 $5.99 185906 words Sample 20%
In a taboo industry that thrives on raw, emotionless sex, Gideon Dodd is a visionary who views gay sex as a thing of beauty and something to be celebrated rather than exploited. Gideon’s boys are the best in the business, not merely for their exquisite talents but for the bonds they share with one another as their mutual love for each other thrives on and off the camera.
The Bored Samurai by Shelley Marshall The Bored Samurai by May 03, 2016 $2.99 38502 words Sample 20%
A samurai warrior cursed to live in a time of peace, the Genroku era (1688-1704). Saotome Mondonosuke is a bored samurai. He is not a ronin, but a direct vassal with wealth but no official duties. With only boredom to fight, he solves the mysteries behind murders and kidnappings, and battles corrupt officials. He thirsts for justice, and his sword for blood.
Dreaming of Eden by James Lucien Dreaming of Eden by May 03, 2016 $5.99 151719 words Sample 20%
Dreaming of Eden is a rapid-paced, action-heavy, post-cyberpunk thriller, supercharged with excitement and enlightenment. A full-length novel with a spiritual journey laced between the hammering heartbeats of the inspirational story.
Bustin' Brats Vol. 2 (3 Book Taboo Erotica Bundle) by Valentina Kixx Bustin' Brats Vol. 2 (3 Book Taboo Erotica Bundle) by May 03, 2016 $4.99 21562 words Sample 15%
Celebrated erotica author Valentina Kixx is at it again, tossing four more sex-crazed Valley Girl Virgins to their fed up Steps. Naughty, taboo and utterly irresistible, these stories leave nothing to the imagination.
Cuckolded on Their Wedding Night by His Own Dog! by Malaw Hule Cuckolded on Their Wedding Night by His Own Dog! by May 03, 2016 $0.99 8639 words Sample 20%
They were a wholesome and devoutly religious couple. But their wedding night was nothing like she thought it would be. She had saved herself for this? While he waits in the living room for her to calm down, his faithful lab, Roger, begins doing some very unfaithful things with his new bride. And when the groom tries to put a stop to it, he quickly finds he is no longer master of his own house!
1-Night Stands in London: Alina by James Shaft 1-Night Stands in London: Alina by May 03, 2016 Free! 2839 words Read a sample
After the end of a 6 year relationship, James moves to London and begins his erotic Odyssey in search of true love. An erotic Odyssey in search of true love. This books contains the story ''Alina'', one of the 10 real stories contained in the book ''1-Night Stands in London''-an erotic Odyssey in search of true love. Available on Smashwords.
The Smoke that Thunders by Paul Zunckel The Smoke that Thunders by May 03, 2016 $0.99 4788 words Sample 20%
Piet and Peggy, along with their infant daughter, Heather, are about to have a guest at their safari camp home...Taking care of their friends’ daughter for a few days will be easy. As thunder rolls across the African sky, the mighty Zambezi River moves forward like a bulldozer, with nothing to hold it back... Can Piet save the child from the raging waters of the Mighty Zambezi?
A Filthy Surprise: Volume Two - 4 More Dirty Tales by JT Holland A Filthy Surprise: Volume Two - 4 More Dirty Tales by May 03, 2016 Free! 22016 words Read a sample
From bestselling author JT Holland comes a new collection of 4 dirty tales, featuring hardcore, graphic sex, alpha males, femdom, bdsm, rough sex, romance, anal, lesbians, threesomes and more. Includes: Not As Innocent As She Looks, Punishing The Trash Talking Slut, My Barely Legal Neighbor Takes Control & Depraved Threesome. Adults only. 18+
Daddy: 1 Brat: 0 by Valentina Kixx Daddy: 1 Brat: 0 by May 03, 2016 $1.99 6030 words Sample 50%
Christa’s Step-Father never bothered her much, but now that she’s taken an “interest” in his High School Football Team, he’s been a real pain in her butt. Still, it’s nice to be noticed, and even nicer to be punished.
The Contract by George Mikhailov The Contract by May 03, 2016 Free! 3908 words Read a sample
Jimmy thought he was finished with contract killings. He had a wife, a little daughter—he knew he couldn't keep it up. But then, a contract with a huge payout landed on his doorstep. His life starts to collapse with each decision, for it's true what they say: there is no honor among thieves.
A First Date On A Windy Day by Mario V. Farina A First Date On A Windy Day by May 03, 2016 Free! 2558 words Read a sample
Matthew was in love with the lovely Glenda Robinson. He wanted to make a good impression on their first date. But he wore a hairpiece that had a penchant for blowing away when he was driving a sports car. He feared this would happen at the time when he least wanted this. Alas, it did blow off on his first date with Glenda. Her reaction was priceless.
Dominating A Younger Man by Hannah Fox Dominating A Younger Man by May 03, 2016 Free! 6001 words Read a sample
As a seriously kinky cougar, I'm into younger men. But usually not ones as young as my 19-year old neighbor, Scott. But I've been watching him for a while now and I just can't help myself any longer. And I know from the way he looks at me that he feels the same way. So I invite him over for a session of depraved, perverted sex that will take him to places he's never been before. 18+
Submissive Little Slave by Brock Diggler Submissive Little Slave by May 03, 2016 Free! 4147 words Read a sample
Adriana and Jake had been eyeing each other all night, so when they finally had a chance to get away from the party and head upstairs to an empty room, they didn't waste any time getting freaky. As it turns out, Adriana likes it rough and she wants Jake to give it to her as hard as he can, no matter how perverted it gets. Adults only. 18+
A Very Filthy Threesome by Nikki Taylor A Very Filthy Threesome by May 03, 2016 Free! 5057 words Read a sample
Tommy is just chilling at a bar when he notices the two bartenders are spitting images of each other. And things get even better when they tell him to stick around until their shift is over. As it turns out, Wendy and Marsha are looking to have a good time and they want Tommy to be a part of it. Little does he know he's in for the filthiest threesome of his life. Adults only. 18+
Soldiers - Season 1 Box Set by Leigh Barker Soldiers - Season 1 Box Set by May 03, 2016 $4.95 130616 words Sample 20%
Soldiers - Season 1 Box Set - All 11 edge-of-your seat Saturday Matinee episodes! The complete first season following our hero, Regret tries to complete an impossible mission while Europe is in flames around him. And bring his men home. But in 1914 it is an almost impossible hope. Starting with – Regret’s Mission
Episode 11 - Regrets' Funeral - Part 2 by Leigh Barker Episode 11 - Regrets' Funeral - Part 2 by May 03, 2016 $0.99 14022 words Sample 20%
Soldiers - Season 1: Episode 11: Regret's Funeral – Part 2. A Bitesize 1-hour read. The entire German 54th Reserve Division is coming down the Menin Road and all that stands between them and the sea is Sergeant Major Needles company of 279 men. And Regret’s squad of 7 men. When Alan asks if he thinks they have a chance, Regret answers truthfully. “Not a snowball’s chance in hell.”
Walking with Families through the Dying Process by Patricia M. Robertson Walking with Families through the Dying Process by May 03, 2016 $3.99 13311 words Sample 20%
Death comes to all of us but most are unprepared and unsure when it comes to that final journey. Robertson's book helps families that are facing the terminal diagnosis of a loved one. She provides insights into the dying process and tips how best to help families through this process. A valuable resource for families, counselors, ministers and lay people!
What’s Yours Is Mine (Book 3 of What’s Yours Is Mine (Book 3 of "Casual [Sex] Gamer") by May 03, 2016 $2.99 6857 words Sample 20%
Jane is up for anything, and luckily the lusty woman likes it rough, because this video game field trips is hardcore. With her new hobby she can finally live out her fantasies without any repercussions. This time, she ends up in a strange squarish game world where she’s the only object with smooth curves. That qualifies her as a sought after commodity, and she meets some really rough characters!
Miss Enchanter - Ophelia's Story by Carol Colbert Miss Enchanter - Ophelia's Story by May 03, 2016 $1.99 28291 words Sample 20%
Ophelia thought she would have to stay in feline form forever, or at least until Mrs. Johnson died. Thanks to Thelma, Ophelia and Thelma are able to find their way back to Enchanted after a lot of fun twists and turns and rides in a suitcase. Read how the family is reunited and just how Luna got that bubble butt.
BELIEVE AND ACHIEVE ALL by Austine Omasere V BELIEVE AND ACHIEVE ALL by May 03, 2016 $9.99 23273 words Sample 20%
This book is a working wonder of God’s power invoke into humanity to keep every dream crystal sparkling brighter alive again. What else, your world of achievement.
Tom Tucker: The Disappearance of Joseph Tweddle by Thomas Carlsen Tom Tucker: The Disappearance of Joseph Tweddle by May 03, 2016 $4.99 87104 words Sample 20%
In 1830, seven years after arriving in the Americas, English aristocrat Joseph Tweddle has the perfect life. However, when he loses everything through a series of ironic and unforeseen circumstances, he is forced to confront the demons that took it, but first he must discover the sheer will to survive.
Savage Surrender: A Dire Wolves Mission by Ellis Leigh Savage Surrender: A Dire Wolves Mission by May 03, 2016 $2.99 40990 words Sample 10%
Two kidnapped women, one dangerous soldier unknowingly about to come face-to-face with fate, and a monster set on destroying everything in its path. In the world of the Dire Wolves, a retrieval is a simple mission for the unit of soldiers that make up their pack. But this time, a single glance blows simple right out of the swamp and forces Bez to make his stand alone.
MAUX D'ENFANTS - Mon meilleur ami by TISSANDIER SEBASTIEN MAUX D'ENFANTS - Mon meilleur ami by May 03, 2016 $3.44 14283 words Sample 10%
Tristan fait sa rentrée en classe de sixième. Souffre-douleur de ses camarades à l’école primaire à cause de son surpoids, il espère que l’entrée au collège lui apportera enfin la liberté qu’il recherche. Mais il va aller de désillusion en désillusion. Jusqu’à l’arrivée dans sa classe de Kevin, qui deviendra son meilleur ami. Mais Kevin est-il réellement celui qu’il semble être ?
The Club: A Gay Erotica by Benjamin Sutyl The Club: A Gay Erotica by May 03, 2016 $0.99 3223 words Sample 20%
A twenty-five-year-old guy attends a club party where he can be exactly who he is-- with the help of a handsome older man!
How to Say NO Coloring Book: 25 Ways to Say NO by Joan Marie Verba How to Say NO Coloring Book: 25 Ways to Say NO by May 03, 2016 $2.99 138 words Sample 35%
Saying “no” to stress can be fun! This coloring book has 25 different ways to say “no,” each with a different background design.
Secrets Behind Violet Eyes by Dawn Marie Clifton Secrets Behind Violet Eyes by May 03, 2016 $3.99 35233 words Sample 10%
When Carson agreed to take on the trio’s third summer mystery, he had no idea what dangerous adventures it would bring. Upon the trio’s arrival, they meet a thirteen year- old girl named Alina, who calls herself the guardian of Labora. Upon their entrance into a tree city, a number of inhabitants become ill. Their quest to save Alina and her people, presents them with only two option, do or die.
Monsters Among Us #1 by Bluewater Productions Monsters Among Us #1 by May 03, 2016 $3.99 144 words Sample 20%
In Monsters Among Us urban legends are very real. Billionaire Solomon Kane believes God has charged his family to rid of the world of mythical creatures. A mysterious crew comprised of gentle beasts including Bigfoot, a Chupacabra, and the Mothman must unite and fight to survive.
Peril In Paradise:The Andaman Islands Victoria Crosses by James W Bancroft Peril In Paradise:The Andaman Islands Victoria Crosses by May 03, 2016 $2.99 3875 words Sample 20%
A sun-drenched tropical island is probably the last place you would think of where gallantry medals might be won, but in 1867 five British soldiers risked their lives to land a boat and successfully rescue a party of their comrades from the clutches of fierce cannibalistic natives on the Little Andaman Island in the Bay of Bengal. An act for which they received the Victoria Cross.
Spicy Romance & Recipes #4 by Mimi Riser Spicy Romance & Recipes #4 by May 03, 2016 $0.99 14434 words Sample 18%
Historical heat from the Spicy Romance & Recipes collection, where every volume gives you something different…something daring…something to really sink your teeth into… Volume 4 contains the novella “Beastly Behavior” – a Victorian gothic tale of corsets unlaced and lust unleashed! – plus genuine antique recipes for classic cakes of the late 1800s…
Different by Ali Noel Vyain Different by May 03, 2016 $0.99 21682 words Sample 20%
A novel set on Eris about a young woman who cannot get along with mother and discovered her own path away that isn’t what her mother wants.
Shopify to Go: How To Build An eCommerce Website On Your Own Domain, From Scratch, Even If You Are A Complete Beginner by Robin Young Shopify to Go: How To Build An eCommerce Website On Your Own Domain, From Scratch, Even If You Are A Complete Beginner by May 03, 2016 $2.99 4674 words Sample 20%
Shopify to Go is a step by step tutorial written for anyone with no experience of creating websites or selling on line. By explaining all the steps required to get up and running, and leaving out all the stuff you don't need, the book gets you online and selling products FAST.
Zendara: Begins by G.W. Calloway Zendara: Begins by May 03, 2016 $4.99 50841 words Sample 5%
In a time where magic and swords meet, collisions will occur and sparks will fly.
The Panther's Heart by Liza Kay The Panther's Heart by May 03, 2016 $4.99 43018 words Sample 5%
When you lose your fated mate, will you be brave enough to accept a second chance?
Hell Awaits You: The Hystericals Series Three by Wolfen Saunderson Hell Awaits You: The Hystericals Series Three by May 03, 2016 Free! 482 words Read a sample
The triads have appeared to be one of the biggest thorns in all of the Hystericals' side ever since the all famous Uzis first stepped foot into town way back. But, it appears this time the last of them have all finally met their match. Or have they?
Running For Home by Zenina Masters Running For Home by May 03, 2016 $3.99 17848 words Sample 5%
Recovery is slow, but with doors to her past closing, Juno finds herself running to her forest fey. Running for home.
Robert by Caitlin Ricci Robert by May 03, 2016 $3.99 16741 words Sample 5%
Running down the Florida beaches to stay ahead of trouble, Robert and Lance find a connection Robert never desired, but doesn’t want to let go of.
Not Human Enough by Kazy Reed Not Human Enough by May 03, 2016 $4.99 58690 words Sample 5%
When he then confesses his feelings toward Jake, he sets in motion a series of events that will change his life—and Jake’s—forever.
Gambit by P. J. Dean Gambit by May 03, 2016 $4.99 99646 words Sample 5%
When the stakes are high and lives are in the balance, it comes down to knowing when to risk it all to win the game.
For the Love of a Wolf by Charlie Richards For the Love of a Wolf by May 03, 2016 $4.99 31389 words Sample 5%
Out of the Cage: Sometimes love needs a little coaxing to grow.
Flight From Zoth by A.C. Ellas Flight From Zoth by May 03, 2016 $4.99 33105 words Sample 5%
This is his family; this is his temple; this is his God. High Priest S’Rak has mostly recovered from the wing fungus, but he has to repair the damage done to the temple before he can return to Koilatha.
Embracing the Clan by Caitlin Ricci Embracing the Clan by May 03, 2016 $1.59 5794 words Sample 5%
Tobit is determined to make their clan whole again, and that means convincing Avery to join them completely.
A Single Soul by P.D. Workman A Single Soul by May 03, 2016 $5.99 260822 words Sample 20%
Get three stand-alone novels by award-winning author P.D. Workman. Three boys fight to escape violence and abuse. Thought-provoking and eye-opening stories of poverty, gang violence, mental illness, and domestic abuse will inspire readers of all ages and remind them of the power of family and friendship.