Plain text ebooks from the authors and publishers at Smashwords.  They lack much formatting, but they're readable on virtually anything.

Bound In Love by Neil D'Silva Bound In Love by Aug. 29, 2015 $0.99 48243 words Sample 10%
Bound In Love is a collection of short stories about people who find themselves trapped in different shades of love. They carry on with their muffled hopes, desires, and intentions. But there will be a time when the dam will burst. When that happens, they won't want to be Bound IN Love anymore, but will hope to be Bound BY Love.
Sacrifice by C.V. Walter Sacrifice by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 3064 words Sample 20%
Ari's whole life has been building up to this moment. With her allies around her, she's ready to face her destiny as the perfect sacrifice. Will she be able to fight off the evil sorcerer? Or will she spend an eternity wed to a demon prince? Find out in this final installment!
The Russian’s Kiss: five lustful short stories by M. Demetrice The Russian’s Kiss: five lustful short stories by Aug. 29, 2015 $0.99 17717 words Sample 10%
This collection includes five tantalizing stories of lust and love.
Hemant Kanade Factor Illustrated Comprehensively For NIFTY by Hemant Kanade Hemant Kanade Factor Illustrated Comprehensively For NIFTY by Aug. 29, 2015 $19.99 6190 words Sample 10%
The eBook shows analysis of NIFTY performance from 1996 to July 2015 using 'Hemant Kanade Factor'. There are numerous illustrations in color in the form of charts which will explain the method to you. There are several BUY and SELL signals generated during this period for the index. All of them, with the exception of one, have proved to be correct. This is the exceptionally impressive success rate
Lacrimosa: Tales of Human Bondage by Phyksios Lacrimosa: Tales of Human Bondage by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 11908 words Sample 20%
A compilation of verse by award-winning poet and writer Phyksios. Having been in print for over 15 years, this wordsmith has finally released his magnum opus! Revolving, for the most part, around the central them of the emotional bonds which sometimes hold us back in life, his words touch the soul and pull at the heartstrings.
On the Rack by C.V. Walter On the Rack by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 3207 words Sample 20%
Freed suddenly from the dungeon, Dylan and Iseult find Ari strapped to a rack! Attempting to free her from her torture only makes things worse until Iseult stumbles on to the magical secret. Can pleasure over come torture? Can they save her from her ultimate fate as a sacrifice?
Heartbreak Reminisce by M. Demetrice Heartbreak Reminisce by Aug. 29, 2015 Free! 1998 words Sample 20%
Cynthia reminisces about a married lover that knocked at her door bringing with him rain, sex, and heartbreak.
Queen of a Kind: Year One - Let the Reign Begin by Sheila Michelle Queen of a Kind: Year One - Let the Reign Begin by Aug. 29, 2015 $0.99 95490 words Sample 15%
The Beaumont Queen shoe fits no other than Grace Elizabeth Garrett, and she’s been confirmed to the world as Beaumont High School’s 20th Queen. Her fairy tale, four-year journey begins as the world’s one-of-a-kind high school queen on her first day of school her freshman year, but she will soon find out that it’s anything but a fairy tale.
The Raunchification of Two Roommates by J.T. Washington The Raunchification of Two Roommates by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 8203 words Sample 20%
Kristen and Lisa are two gorgeous long-time BFFs and roommates whose relationship is turned upside down by Granger Jordan, a studly pizza delivery man. He reaches out to both young women separately and teaches them to savor their filthy side, then takes them both together to heights of sexual outrageousness you'll have to read to believe!
An American Gigolo in Saint Lucia by J.T. Washington An American Gigolo in Saint Lucia by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 5206 words Sample 20%
Granger Kyle is a high-class escort whose latest client takes him to the beautiful Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. He accompanies her to a resort she co-owns there, where they make passionate love and conspire humiliate her ex-husband.
In the Circle by C.V. Walter In the Circle by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 3562 words Sample 20%
Ari reflects back to how she learned about her impending sacrifice.
Ready Reference Treatise: The Young Elites by Raja Sharma Ready Reference Treatise: The Young Elites by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 16650 words Sample 20%
The author admits in the acknowledgments section of the book that Adelina’s story is not the story of a hero; it is the story of a villain.
Miss You Once Again by Kelly Baugh Miss You Once Again by Aug. 29, 2015 $4.99 79226 words Sample 15%
After her Nana’s death, Lee, an independent young woman from the mountains of Colorado returns to her childhood haunt in Eden Grove, Mississippi to single-handedly settle her grandmother’s estate.
My Little Sister's First Time (Incest Erotica Series) by Taboo Erotica My Little Sister's First Time (Incest Erotica Series) by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 37904 words Sample 5%
My sister would tease the boys at school any chance she got. Bending over to pick up paper, exposing her tiny lace g-strings. Sometimes she would spread her legs wide when she wore dresses and skirts. Her younger brother was no different. He dreamed about seeing his sister naked for years. What will happen when she teases her brother and pushes him over the edge?
Sex With My Big Sister (Incest Erotica Series) by Taboo Erotica Sex With My Big Sister (Incest Erotica Series) by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 36650 words Sample 5%
Shelly isn’t your typical young girl. She’s more mature than most girls her age, and she’s about to show her family how mature she can be. She’s got an appetite for sex and many deviant thoughts run through her head while she is at school. This full-length erotic tale is packed full of over 90 pages of erotic action that fans will be sure to enjoy!
Mom's Big Tits (Incest Erotica Series) by Taboo Erotica Mom's Big Tits (Incest Erotica Series) by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 39690 words Sample 5%
Jane is no ordinary mother. Ever since she was young, she always made heads turn when she walked down the street. Even at a young age, her son noticed her enormous rack. He had always dreamed of the day he would get to see them pop out of the tiny sweaters she always wore.
Write Away; A Year of Musings and Motivations for Writers by Kerrie Flanagan Write Away; A Year of Musings and Motivations for Writers by Aug. 29, 2015 $4.99 27846 words Sample 15%
In Planes, Trains and Chuck & Eddie, Kerrie Flanagan's lighthearted essays remind us that time spent with family is always an adventure!
Bertram & Gertrudes Extra Sensory Spy by William Frederick Bertram & Gertrudes Extra Sensory Spy by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 132868 words Sample 10%
When a bumbling Mi6 analyst decides to be a secret agent , all bets are off and the results are hilarious. The CIA and the FSB can not possibly outwit the stupid because there isn't a pattern to work with. This is book two in the series
Mating Addiction (Gay Paranormal Romance) by Abraham Steele Mating Addiction (Gay Paranormal Romance) by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 50454 words Sample 20%
Disowned by his family, divorced from his pack, Raymond lives for the next conquest. A week after breaking up with his first and only boyfriend, Diago has contacted a dating agency to find his fated mate. When the two shifters misinterpret each other's emails and Diago shows up at Raymond's door, neither is prepared for the intense connection they'll share - or for what will come next...
In the Tower by C.V. Walter In the Tower by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 2771 words Sample 20%
Ari can feel the magic gathering for a ritual in the tower and it's turning her on. When she gets there, she finds Dylan, Issy's companion and some time lover. Eager to help, Ari enters the circle that's being prepared and creates her own deal with the creature being summoned. When the sorcerer discovers her interference, she's forced to join Dylan in the circle. Will she keep her innocence?
Dragon (S)Layers: The Paladin Gambit by Tammy Silverwolf Dragon (S)Layers: The Paladin Gambit by Aug. 29, 2015 Free! 35231 words Read a sample
A once-blind seamstress is granted her vision once more for a pact of service to a goddess with ulterior motives. When this civilian turned paladin's first quest goes horribly wrong, she'll contend with a sphinx in his own casino and play a game of wits and chance with her life and the future of her faith on the line.
Don't Look by Jennifer Noel Don't Look by Aug. 29, 2015 $5.99 41995 words Sample 7%
Up against a family curse that has been hunting her down for years, Selena Grayson - armed with a unique gift, a blind man, a Labrador, and a demon with an attitude problem - sets out to confront her demons.
Slice of the South Stories by L.T. Garvin Slice of the South Stories by Aug. 29, 2015 Free! 8910 words Read a sample
A collection of short stories depicting characters growing up in a small southern town. A neat collection humorous fiction.
In the Year of My Revolution by James Welsh In the Year of My Revolution by Aug. 29, 2015 $4.00 54958 words Sample 20%
It is December 1892, and a train carrying rival ranchers has become snowbound in Nebraska. If the blizzard doesn't kill the passengers on board the train, a mysterious killer will. As the body count rises and the tensions heat and the temperature drops, it is up to a vagrant and a reporter to find out the truth and save the West from another range war.
FREE! Chinese Sentence Patterns For Beginners! Lesson 2 by Kevin Peter Lee FREE! Chinese Sentence Patterns For Beginners! Lesson 2 by Aug. 29, 2015 Free! 419 words Read a sample
This is the FREE Chinese Sentence Structure For Beginners! Lesson 2 ebook. The process used in this book is the absolute best way to learn how to read and speak Mandarin Chinese. I will be giving out one free lesson every Sunday until the release of my complete book: Chinese Sentence Structure For Beginners! 101 Lessons.
Resisting the Alpha by Brett Horne Resisting the Alpha by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 5970 words Sample 20%
Mason is sick of cocky alphas walking all over him, treating him like dirt just because he likes to be knotted. It's humiliating, infuriating and it stops now. Mason is done. He's swearing off alphas for good. Then he meets Peter, an alpha cop who saves him from an aggressive suitor, and all his carefully laid plans go straight to hell...
Der Anruf - Teil 3 by Jocy Gayheart Der Anruf - Teil 3 by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 3728 words Sample 20%
Eine Geschichte über Geilheit, Gehorsam und die geheimen Bündnisse zwischen Frauen.
In the Dungeon by C.V. Walter In the Dungeon by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 3716 words Sample 20%
Arianhrod, Ari to her friends, has been raised to be the perfect sacrifice. With a pet unicorn and a face that could make angels weep, she'd be a shoo in for the princess in the tower. Too bad her sights are set on being an evil sorceress. Join her in the dungeon as she has a little fun with a captured adventurer before the final sacrifice
Sunset Winks by Nidia Dacosta Sunset Winks by Aug. 29, 2015 $3.99 3555 words Sample 20%
Sunset Winks is a photograph book beautifully crafted reminder of the poetic majesty of the sunset.
Opener: The Party by Kathrin Pissinger Opener: The Party by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 2859 words Sample 20%
A lesbian group sex story For the bachelorette party of my band mates' wedding we played at a lesbian club where the audience got increasingly turned on by our performance, shedding clothes and inhibitions until we were just a writhing mass of naked bodies and pussy juices, on and off stage.
One Look: Deployment to Iraq 100 Days Captured in 100 Cartoons by Robert T. Belie One Look: Deployment to Iraq 100 Days Captured in 100 Cartoons by Aug. 29, 2015 Free! 4606 words Read a sample
Capturing the essence of the war in Iraq has been done through words and photography, so I thought I’d set about cornering the market on lighthearted cartoons. I can’t draw to save my life, but that didn’t stop me, and thankfully no such demand has yet presented itself. During my deployment with the Army in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom I sketched out 100 cartoons, and well, here they are.
Vengeance by Rob Marley Vengeance by Aug. 29, 2015 Free! 11027 words Read a sample
Safety is too often temporary. With the townspeople protected behind tall walls and trained soldiers, Isaac and his new companions can turn their attention to other matters. But their world is pierced most harshly- when Jemain is present for a brutal ambush that leaves almost as many questions, as it does dead warriors.
Fottere la mia schiava Martina insieme al mio ragazzo by Kathrin Pissinger Fottere la mia schiava Martina insieme al mio ragazzo by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 3536 words Sample 20%
Storia di una schiava lesbica
Magic Thief of Gavalos by Barbara Cerny Magic Thief of Gavalos by Aug. 29, 2015 $3.99 155541 words Sample 15%
Because of Hestia’s unspeakable betrayal, Zeus unwittingly creates his own mortal enemy and sets the path to his own destruction.
Banging the Nympho Cab Driver by lefthlibrarian Banging the Nympho Cab Driver by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.50 4909 words Sample 10%
There is something to be said about Erotica and i am here to let you know that i am coming. Lefth....
Strange & Weird Stories by James W. Nelson Strange & Weird Stories by Aug. 29, 2015 $0.99 44223 words Sample 20%
In these stories look for two possible future worlds, what maybe makes a town quiet, what likely happens in Heaven, what possibly could happen if one believes in oneself strongly enough, see a whole world in a mirror, learn how at least one corporation hires--or not--men, see events happening during two centuries simultaneously, and travel to the prairie to learn what is right beneath the grass.
By Blood or by Marriage: A Harpeth River Writers Anthology by Harpeth River By Blood or by Marriage: A Harpeth River Writers Anthology by Aug. 29, 2015 $4.99 93682 words Sample 20%
Seven writers unite to pen a collection of heartwarming and sometimes startling stories about families of all kinds. Their literary journey transitions from the simple life of a farmer to a divorced city dweller. With diversity in age, life experiences, and birthplaces, these award-wining writers create vivid characters and plot twists to interest everyone’s taste for a well-spun tale.
Scorched: Origin of Love Book 2 by Jendela Tryst Scorched: Origin of Love Book 2 by Aug. 29, 2015 $5.99 66083 words Sample 20%
Love is put to the ultimate test when Psyche is banished from her world and transported to a universe that is both beautiful and deadly. As she struggles to forget the mysterious man who broke her heart, she finds herself drawing closer and closer to the shrouded creature she has been forced to wed.
Blind Man's Bluff by H K Kiting Blind Man's Bluff by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 11025 words Sample 20%
Nathan brings Colin home blindfolded for an afternoon of sexy fun. Colin doesn’t know that Nathan’s identical twin Sam is silently waiting for them. Once things get rolling, the brothers switch off with Colin completely unaware that he’s being tag teamed. Then when they have him tied up, the plastic bags come out. Join the fun in this gay adult tale of bondage, sex, and intense breath control.
Twisted Fate by doubled5059 Twisted Fate by Aug. 29, 2015 $7.99 94187 words Sample 10%
The first in the Robert Dais series by John R. Boyd
Billy Bean and the Pesky Poltergeists by Robert Umber Billy Bean and the Pesky Poltergeists by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 34535 words Sample 20%
Billy Bean is an eleven year old boy with a fascination for the supernatural. Billy gets a case from his hero, celebrity investigator, Roy Arnow. Billy recruits his friends, Keisha Washington and Raymond Davis and eagerly starts their investigation. Events spiral out of control and Billy soon realizes he may in over his head. Billy and his friends now must set matters right or forever be wannabes
21st Century Artisan: How to Sell Handmade Crafts Online by Jimmy Essien 21st Century Artisan: How to Sell Handmade Crafts Online by Aug. 29, 2015 $0.99 28792 words Sample 20%
There's never been a better time to be an artisan. For the first time in generations, it is now possible for anyone to make a full-time living as a skilled craftsman, and it's all thanks to the Internet. The book's author, Jimmy Essien, spent two years with one obsession: how to sell his woodworking online. He now sells more woodworking online than he has time to make.
How to Rob a Bank by Louis Shalako How to Rob a Bank by Aug. 29, 2015 $0.99 64278 words Sample 20%
Inspector Gilles Maintenon has finally run up against an original mind—someone who’s very good at wasting his time. Their killer, using simple human psychology, has come up with a brilliant plan. Gilles would dearly love to meet the mind that conceived of that plan. He intends to do just that.
The Devil's Pact 16: Virgin Delights by Reed James The Devil's Pact 16: Virgin Delights by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 33672 words Sample 20%
Mark needs a pair of virgins for a spell, so Mark heads to a community college, Mark revels in all the young, nubile flesh as he hunts for the two virgins. With his mind control powers, no one can resist him. Virgin Delights is 32,000 word mind control, harem, domination, submission, orgy, college, first time, virgin, oral, anal, waterspouts, taboo erotica that is not for the faint at heart!
The Ruby of the Runway by Nichola McDonald The Ruby of the Runway by Aug. 29, 2015 $4.69 71569 words Sample 20%
Vera Winter loves the life of being the CEO of Fashion Life - her fashion house based in the United States of America. Vera has her eyes set on dominating the elite enclave and becoming the no.1 fashion house in the world. But such ambition never comes without enemies.
Thirteen: The Horror Collection by Louise Lake Thirteen: The Horror Collection by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 28884 words Sample 30%
Thirteen: The Horror Collection is a collection of thirteen short horror stories with vampires, werewolves, zombies, an antique doll, aliens, a demon, witches, the devil, mermaids, a puppet clown and a deadly infection. WARNING: READ AFTER DARK!
Truckin' Up! by doubled5059 Truckin' Up! by Aug. 29, 2015 $3.99 19710 words Sample 10%
A funny and interesting look at the trucking industry and the trucker’s CB radio slang
Brats + Billionaires 1: Flying Unprotected by Lucy Apple Brats + Billionaires 1: Flying Unprotected by Aug. 29, 2015 $2.99 7273 words Sample 20%
This Brat Really Needs The Right Man To Take Charge, Please Scarlett is SO sick of the way people try to control her! Constantly accusing her of acting-out, being selfish, and partying too much. If she can’t have fun now, when will she ever get to?
The Promise by Amber Dawn Bell The Promise by Aug. 29, 2015 $0.99 13533 words Sample 10%
A military short story... Life was good for Mitch and Annie—until he was called to Iraq. As a Marine Reserve, Mitch felt honor bound and proud to serve his country. One night, Mitch visits Annie in a dream and tells her he loves her and says his goodbyes. The next day, she receives the news that Mitch’s unit has been attacked by a car bomber. (Previously released as I'll Be Home for Christmas)
Star Paw by Teresa Hubley Star Paw by Aug. 29, 2015 $0.99 64246 words Sample 20%
In the fourth Hob Scourge book, demons are on the march, encouraged by impending disaster. Sergei and his associates search for a solution while the family lawyer begins to court darker forces and Sophia and Mikora welcome new kin and Devora begins a new romance.