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Code Name Anika by George M James Code Name Anika by Oct. 22, 2016 Free! 164051 words Read a sample
No GMJ Book is just written; the topic is carefully chosen to enlighten the reader to current dangers. In this book we take a hard look at the way secret agents combine with conventional forces, in this case self-propelled artillery, and cause mayhem. It is something which happens more often that what is believed, it is not always the cloak and dagger, it may well be heavy shells and rockets,
A Term of Existence by Ken Mann A Term of Existence by Oct. 22, 2016 $1.99 26545 words Sample 20%
Immerse yourself in a selection of verse (Poetry) from the collection of Ken Mann that spans over twenty-five years. Follow a unique journey of thoughts, feelings, and personal views that have shaped the author. Be carried away into the realms of make believe, thrown into political arguments, debate social dilemma's, and share romantic intentions.
Ten Of The Top Television Evangelists Of Our Time Part IV by Thomas J. Strang Ten Of The Top Television Evangelists Of Our Time Part IV by Oct. 22, 2016 $1.99 20349 words Sample 20%
Televangelism is the use of media, specifically radio and television, to communicate Christianity. This ebook consists of 10 of the top television evangelists of our time. They are: Charles Coughlin, Charles E. Fuller, Doug Batchelor, Ernest Angley, Harold Camping, Herbert W. Armstrong, Jesse Duplantis, Marylin Hickey, Richard Dortch and Richard J. Fox.
Abandoned by Samantha Price Abandoned by Oct. 22, 2016 $2.99 21851 words Sample 20%
When Mary and Hezekiah discovered an abandoned baby on their property, they kept her circumstances a secret and raised her themselves. When Rose turns eighteen and is weeks away from marrying James when she uncovers the truth of her birth. Angry that she's been lied to, Rose leaves James and the Amish community. Can James find Rose and bring her home? What will it take for Rose to forgive?
A Diaspora of Stupidity by Leila Rahimtulla A Diaspora of Stupidity by Oct. 22, 2016 Free! 1829 words Read a sample
We all have parents; some young, some old. Some offer us love, some offer us gold. From birth, every day we strengthen with age, as our family life story unfolds on the page. And with wisdom abound, we repeatedly travel through customs and check-in, Christmas holiday bound.
Απόλυτο Κακό (Βιβλίο Έκτο) - Έσχατη Φρίκη by Lizeta Vrana Απόλυτο Κακό (Βιβλίο Έκτο) - Έσχατη Φρίκη by Oct. 22, 2016 Free! 58937 words Read a sample
Εδώ και χρόνια η Υβόννη βιώνει μια “σκοτεινή νύχτα της ψυχής”, που όσο περνά ο καιρός γίνεται σκοτεινότερη. Τα όνειρα έχουν γίνει εφιάλτες, ενώ φρικτά οράματα την καταδιώκουν κάθε νύχτα. Καθώς αισθάνεται πλέον εντελώς αποκομμένη από το Θεό και τους αγγέλους του, η Υβόννη αναζητά την Μία και Μόνη Αλήθεια, αυτή που δεν είναι γραμμένη σε κανένα “ιερό” βιβλίο...
The Precious Pearls and Diamonds from the “Quran” by Al-Amin Ali Hamad The Precious Pearls and Diamonds from the “Quran” by Oct. 22, 2016 Free! 2740 words Read a sample
The second part of the series of eBooks is a collection of promises from our creator of what we are supposed to do and the rewards if we apply them in our lives. This collection is comprised of two parts. Both parts have approximately same number of Ayaat which are various types of formulas or inputs and outputs dealing with various topics.
Hail Mary by Ruby Binns-Cagney Hail Mary by Oct. 22, 2016 $1.97 11979 words Sample 10%
Nick Benson has been activated. In a game of cat and mouse, Nick learns how painful it feels to always be two steps behind. When Nick is hired to assess the Security threat level at a tech billionaire's new firm, he uncovers a secret.
A Little School On A Farm In Africa by Rob McIntyre A Little School On A Farm In Africa by Oct. 22, 2016 $2.99 37342 words Sample 20%
A Little School on a Farm in Africa This book describes four idyllic years spent running a little farm school in Africa. You will get to know the children, the farming community and the hilarious goings on that helped to make my time there so memorable.
Dragon by James McCormick Dragon by Oct. 22, 2016 $5.99 64078 words Sample 5%
As worlds conspire against each other, Gax, an insane warlord, stockpiles an arsenal of ancient technology in his attempt to rule known space.
Maid to Please by Ivana Shaft Maid to Please by Oct. 22, 2016 $2.99 8795 words Sample 20%
Pure Mitzi used to have a weight problem, and now that she has trimmed down, she feels confident enough to take on a job as a sexy maid to help pay her bills. She’s nervous until she realizes her first client is a guy she had an intense crush on back in the day. She gets far more than she bargained for when he and his band wants to stretch the limit of her duties, hard and without protection! 18+
Loving the Reaper Book 2 by Alexis Frandrich Loving the Reaper Book 2 by Oct. 22, 2016 $0.99 7327 words Sample 20%
Following book 1 of Loving The Reaper we Follow Valerie and Alistar as they pledge their vows at not one but two wedding. They wed twice once in the underworld as they secure their rule over the underworld as King and Queen. Will Valerie make it through the second wedding? What will the underworld hold in store for the new Queen? The darkness may be to much for her.
The Empathy Circuit by Samuel Clift The Empathy Circuit by Oct. 22, 2016 Free! 1908 words Read a sample
The world can be a very strange and alienating place. Jen has known this all her life, and at last she may have found someone else who knows it too. But time is fleeting, as Jen is all too aware, and no matter how desperately she wants to prevent its passing, it seems she never can. Perhaps the answer lies within the grandfather clock…
Closing the Store by Maren Bradley Anderson Closing the Store by Oct. 22, 2016 $2.99 69267 words Sample 20%
Liz Stratton's the host of a Spare Me! a wildly popular national talk show. Plus, she’s edgy, beautiful, and doesn’t take crap from anyone. But she never expected her friend Cal, the head of a women’s rights organization, to ask her to run for president. Liz asks every woman in the United States to stop having sex until the war in the Middle East is over. And that’s when the fun begins...
Nessuna Regola di Ingaggio. Terzo episodio della serie di spionaggio Black Hawk Day Rewind by Baibin Nighthawk & Dominick Fencer Nessuna Regola di Ingaggio. Terzo episodio della serie di spionaggio Black Hawk Day Rewind by
& Oct. 22, 2016
$3.85 81524 words Sample 20%
Mark Savannah, richiamato dall’intelligence britannica per rintracciare un ricercatore sparito con un progetto militare top secret e per indagare su una rete internazionale di trafficanti d’armi, si troverà di nuovo faccia a faccia con il suo nemico storico in Cina nella Software Valley di Nanchino, giocando la partita senza regole di ingaggio.
Stop Talking & Start Writing Series (3 in 1) Box Set by Terrance Zepke Stop Talking & Start Writing Series (3 in 1) Box Set by Oct. 22, 2016 $9.99 66991 words Sample 15%
This box set shares everything you need to know to write, publish, and sell your book. Book One: Stop Talking & Start Writing Your Book Book Two: Stop Talking & Start Publishing Your Book Book Three: Stop Talking & Start Selling Your Book Terrance Zepke is an award-winning and best-selling author of thirty-three fiction and nonfiction titles. She is the co-host of A Writer's Journey.
Desmond and Garrick Box Set by Hayden Thorne Desmond and Garrick Box Set by Oct. 22, 2016 $7.99 142564 words Sample 20%
Both books in Hayden Thorne's best-selling gay YA vampire romance series Desmond and Garrick in one box set! It’s 1815. Garrick Mortimer is a starving genius, who agrees to sign on as tutor to Desmond Hathaway, the youngest son of a vampire family living in Yorkshire. Can the chasm separating them as distinct species forge a bond of friendship between them?
The Pot O'Gold Murder by Shaun Coen The Pot O'Gold Murder by Oct. 22, 2016 $3.99 83595 words Sample 20%
Hard-living Detective Eileen Ryan is called to investigate the murder of a popular bartender in her hometown, a tight-knit Irish enclave in The Bronx, New York. But she can’t quite remember the night of the murder and has to fight off the advances of a creepy forensics officer who places her at the scene of the crime. Ryan discovers secret societies and double lives.
A New Rose by Ellie JP Lattimer A New Rose by Oct. 22, 2016 $3.99 30465 words Sample 15%
Discover the ladies - and girls - of Heathen-on-Staw, a quiet, sleepy village where the dark dreams of hot, rich cougars are satisfied by kittens eager to satisfy their sexual desires.
Abandoned & Protected - The Marquis' Tenacious Wife (#4 Love's Second Chance Series) by Bree Wolf Abandoned & Protected - The Marquis' Tenacious Wife (#4 Love's Second Chance Series) by Oct. 22, 2016 $2.99 92797 words Sample 20%
When they met, he forced her hand. Now, she will deny him her heart.
A Cop and a Con by Deirdre O'Dare A Cop and a Con by Oct. 22, 2016 $3.99 23468 words Sample 20%
When a cop and a newly released convict cross paths, few cons can expect anything positive. Ike Hernandez meets a cop who seems different. Can he trust kindness to continue? Perry Parker became a police officer to help people. Could the man he picked up one stormy night be one?
Inspired by BLUE: Daily Motivational Verses to Inspire You & Improve Your Life by Tyson Moultrie & A.L. Roberts Inspired by BLUE: Daily Motivational Verses to Inspire You & Improve Your Life by
& Oct. 22, 2016
$3.99 10244 words Sample 10%
In this book, we share some of the powerful and insightful quotations that helped us overcome some of the obstacles we've faced in life and as entrepreneurs. Which helped us adjust our mindset and attitude about the task at hand and was the catalyst to what pushed us through to the successes we have today. Written by: Tyson Moultrie & A.L. Roberts
Only For Him by Shawn Lane Only For Him by Oct. 22, 2016 $3.99 21071 words Sample 20%
Barnaby has a thing for attorney Nathan but the conservative man doesn’t know Barnaby is alive. A chance to take care of Nathan when he is ill leads to a date and so much more.
The Sculptress by Eva Hore The Sculptress by Oct. 22, 2016 $2.99 13157 words Sample 20%
If sculpting is this interesting, sign me up! Amanda and Julie will have you turning the pages quickly as their lurid poses turn this session into a mind-blowing sexual encounter, one you never thought possible.
Not Your Average Man by Edward Kendrick Not Your Average Man by Oct. 22, 2016 $4.99 46655 words Sample 20%
I was an average man, not at all violent, until a bastard tricked my best friend into killing my lover, Mick. When that happened I killed the bastard. Soon after, the man Mick had worked for -- as a vigilante -- convinced me to take Mick's place. I did. Now I'm a not so average man who might be falling in love with another of the vigilantes, Coop Frost. That is if we can survive what comes next.
Sherlock Holmes On Jack Rippered Moriarty & Jules Vernian Treasure - (Part-1) -- & Dowry of Mrs Auda Fogg of Around World In 80 Days Great Epic Story by Spirit-Of-Shakespeare-Creations-Software S3C Sherlock Holmes On Jack Rippered Moriarty & Jules Vernian Treasure - (Part-1) -- & Dowry of Mrs Auda Fogg of Around World In 80 Days Great Epic Story by Oct. 22, 2016 $4.99 24084 words Sample 20%
An innovative approach to modern digital era reviving highly popular copyright expirederl over 85 years old great classics …… Back Cover Page Notes:- SHERLOCK HOLMES ON JACK RIPPERED MORIARTY & JULES VERNIAN TREASURE— -- And Missing Diamond Dowry Treasure of Mrs AudaFogg of Jules Verne’s “Around World In 80 Days” famous storey. Part -1 of 2 Parts Novelettes. By – Spirit of Shakespeare SOFTWARES
When Love Comes Around by Nikki Vale When Love Comes Around by Oct. 22, 2016 $2.99 50616 words Sample 20%
Megan isn’t a believer in happily ever after, she’s been around the block and back again. She wishes her closest friend’s Evie and Gina the best when it comes to love. She’ll even be Evie's’ maid of honor at her wedding but she won’t be waiting for her own prince charming to show up, she could care less. That is, until he does….
Solution Uprising : Prossia Book 3 by Raphyel M. Jordan Solution Uprising : Prossia Book 3 by Oct. 22, 2016 $4.99 101131 words Sample 20%
The Prossia series continues with a drastic race across the ends of the galactic community in hopes of defending it against the most dangerous threat they have ever faced: themselves.
Master Debaters by R.T. Price Master Debaters by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 7786 words Sample 25%
It’s elections season at Price Academy! Sarah is a sultry, political ingenue with a thirst for “pollwatching”, embroiled in the race of a lifetime against her mortal enemy, Trent, the dimwitted, big-biceped, lacrosse captain with a knack for pork-barrel spanking. It’s a wicked mind vs. chiseled brawn in this battle of titans for class presidency.
Apex Predator by S.M. Douglas Apex Predator by Oct. 21, 2016 $3.99 77839 words Sample 20%
In a world destabilized by soaring inequality, climate change, and war the deaths of several high profile bankers leave national security experts scrambling for answers. A disgruntled and discredited FBI Agent striving to bring to justice the corrupt individuals responsible for wrecking his community is instead ordered to protect those same Wall Street power brokers.
Fucking My Obedient, Mind-Controlled Daughter by Amber FoxxFire Fucking My Obedient, Mind-Controlled Daughter by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 1691 words Sample 20%
A simple wave of the hand. If done correctly, could put a woman under within seconds. Once I found that out, I took control of Selena, my sizzling hot 18-year-old daughter’s mind. Whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted it.
Delta Force in Iraq War by Steve Stone Delta Force in Iraq War by Oct. 21, 2016 $3.99 35663 words Sample 20%
This is the amazing true story of one of Delta Force's missions deep behind enemy lines to eliminate the Scud missile threat in the first Iraq War in an area known as 'Scud Boulevard.'This true story is every bit as amazing in many respects as the fammed SAS Bravo Two Zero story.
A Brother's Deed by Michael Juschke A Brother's Deed by Oct. 21, 2016 Free! 4200 words Read a sample
Three months ago her fiancé died in an airlock incident. Two weeks ago her father, owner of the galaxy's largest arms corporation, was found dead in his office. Now someone is trying to kill her.
Screams of True Love by Paige Watson Screams of True Love by Oct. 21, 2016 Free! 1628 words Read a sample
He longs for her, her soft lips and her big brown eyes. Lust takes over. A glass shatters. He makes love to her. She moans and screams. But if they are screams of true love… why is she crying?
On the Edge by Pat Noad On the Edge by Oct. 21, 2016 $8.99 84980 words Sample 15%
When a surprise inheritance catapults battler Ruth Jordan into unaccustomed affluence, she cautiously starts to help other women doing it tough. That's how Rachael Anders explodes into her life. Desperate to protect Rachael's three young sons from their destructive family, Ruth is remorselessly sucked into their troubled lives while confronting the bonds and fractures of her own failed family.
Chela by Daniela Chamorro Mantica Chela by Oct. 21, 2016 Free! 2221 words Read a sample
CHELA is a collection of flash stories set in Nicaragua. These three stories are brief, intimate windows into the earthquake of 1972, the tense election of 1989, and the current tourism boom.
Neighbor Break-in! by Ivana Shaft Neighbor Break-in! by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 7414 words Sample 20%
“Get on your knees...” Untouched Britney is tired of everyone else running her life and being the good girl. She pledged to save herself for marriage and go to a top college like the woman who raised her, but she has a burning need for something more—something simple, yet hard. One rebellious act with her hot older neighbor can’t hurt, can it? Even if it’s unprotected? An erotic short story.
The Bats from Hell by K.P Taylor The Bats from Hell by Oct. 21, 2016 You set the price! 8693 words Sample 20%
A fourth wall busting mash-up of 80’s horror cheese and millennial snark. When bloodthirsty bats besiege the town of Pleasant Valley, it’s up to the unlikely Elliot to put a stop to it.
Priestess of the Eggstone by Jaleta Clegg Priestess of the Eggstone by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 101192 words Sample 20%
Pursued by the Targon Crime Syndicate bent on revenge, the Patrol intent on recruitment, and the Sessimoniss who want their god back, the last thing Captain Dace needs is a handsome copilot with romance on his mind.
Secular Mysticism by John Author Secular Mysticism by Oct. 21, 2016 Free! 14273 words Read a sample
A Secular Buddhist derivative work of Evelyn Underhill's "Practical Mysticism." John Author adapts Underhill's practices and guidelines to a Secular Buddhist framework. Balance is the essential theme of the book. Author believes that there needs to be a balance between the rational and the intuitive, the mundane and the transcendent, the secular and the mystical.
Daddy's Favorites: Ursula (Erotic Taboo Erotica) by Selena Kitt Daddy's Favorites: Ursula (Erotic Taboo Erotica) by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 12664 words Sample 10%
Ursula is a lactation consultant who wants nothing more than to get pregnant and have kids. Her step father would love to have more kids with Ursula’s mom, but she’s not interested. After offering an unorthodox solution for engorgement to a friend, Ursula’s longing for a baby increases. She decides to give into her taboo desires and surprises her step daddy...
Justice: The Beginning (Justice #0) by Suzan Harden Justice: The Beginning (Justice #0) by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 38227 words Sample 20%
For the first time, the Justice Anthea and Brother Luc short stories are collected in one edition. This anthology includes “Justice” and “Diplomacy in the Dark”, previously published in Sword and Sorceress 28 and 30, plus two brand new stories, “The Perfect Partner” and "Courting Trouble".
Daddy's Favorites: Sara (Erotic Taboo Erotica) by Selena Kitt Daddy's Favorites: Sara (Erotic Taboo Erotica) by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 9709 words Sample 20%
Curvy little brat Sara keeps late hours at the bakery with her father, much to his wife’s annoyance. She thinks the bakery is making Sara chubby, but Sara's new daddy appreciates the younger woman’s curves. Sara's father decides to give BBW Sara what they both want, so she can finally prove her talents. Turns out, Sara’s big, juicy, sweet buns turn out to be some of the best he’s ever tasted!
Daddy's Favorites: Raina (Erotic Taboo Erotica) by Selena Kitt Daddy's Favorites: Raina (Erotic Taboo Erotica) by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 12272 words Sample 10%
Raina knows her father, a gifted engineer, is unhappy because her mother seems more interested in having sex with her girlfriends, or the line of sex machines he’s invented to please his wife, than she is with him. When her daddy asks Raina to help him test one of his new machines, she gives in to her secret, taboo desires and lets him know she’s not just interested in his toys—forbidden or not...
Daddy's Favorites: Qesa (Erotic Taboo Erotica) by Selena Kitt Daddy's Favorites: Qesa (Erotic Taboo Erotica) by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 9689 words Sample 10%
Qesa wants to be a star, and DJ Rafe, her manager and step daddy, wants to make all her dreams come true. Mari, Qesa’s mother, longs to go back home to Venezuela, but Qesa loves all things American, especially the idea of fame and money. When she gets an ingenious idea to create a naughty video and make it go viral, she enlists her daddy to help fulfill her forbidden fantasies & make her famous.
Daddy's Favorites: Paula (Erotic Taboo Erotica) by Selena Kitt Daddy's Favorites: Paula (Erotic Taboo Erotica) by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 13643 words Sample 10%
Bratty little Paula decides to seduce her step daddy, a psychologist, during their impromptu sessions together, in order to get back at her mother for marrying him in the first place. But the tables get turned on Paula when she realizes her forbidden attraction to her father is real, and then, to her surprise, she learns what countertransference really means when they consummate their fantasies...
Cave Dweller by Mary Nicholson Cave Dweller by Oct. 21, 2016 $1.99 11758 words Sample 25%
May moves to the country hoping to quell her panic attacks, but instead finds an evil force that she and her husband Trey must contend with.
Daddy's Favorites: Olivia (Erotic Taboo Erotica) by Selena Kitt Daddy's Favorites: Olivia (Erotic Taboo Erotica) by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 12443 words Sample 10%
Naughty Olivia hides her curves under men’s shirts and draws her taboo fantasies in her sketchbook. When her step daddy discovers that she’s has been secretly watching and drawing him--without any clothes on--he finally gives up on his gold digging wife and gives in to his forbidden lust for his curvy little daughter.
Never Be at Peace by M. J. Neary Never Be at Peace by Oct. 21, 2016 $3.99 112786 words Sample 20%
Helena Molony dreams of liberating Ireland. Her fantasies take shape when the indomitable Maud Gonne informally adopts her and sets her on a path to theatrical stardom - and political martyrdom. Swept up in the Gaelic Revival, Helena succumbs to the romantic advances of Bulmer Hobson, an egotistical Fenian leader with a talent for turning friends into enemies.
Daddy's Favorites: Nina (Erotic Taboo Erotica) by Selena Kitt Daddy's Favorites: Nina (Erotic Taboo Erotica) by Oct. 21, 2016 $2.99 13027 words Sample 10%
Naughty Nina is a straight-A college student by day but a phone-sex operator by night. If her daddy knew what she was up to, she’d be in big trouble, especially considering he’s also a cop! What neither of them know is that he’s been calling in to her phone sex line for some time, sharing some forbidden, taboo fantasies to a “stranger.”